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Is Pakistan, Israel, UK, or Japan becoming 5th country on the moon soft landing?

top countries landed on moon, oldest Spaces agencies of world, SUPARCO Vs ISRO, NASA, Israel & Japan or Pakistan ready to land on moon in 2025. UK investing in Space Techology to reach Moon & Land soft on moon. US & SUPARCO design the future of Pakistan’s moon mission. SUPARCO is world’s oldest Space Agency


Pakistan’s top rocket & space scientists are looking to make a new mission moon in 2025 with NASA or Russian & Indian satellites, Lunars, and soft landing technology to become the world’s 5th moon landing in 2025. Pakistan’s top space agency The Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) is looking to make a new record in space against the Indian recent moon landing of Vikram Lander on 23rd Of August 2023. In the world, the next top competition about landing on the moon is rapidly increasing in the world’s top developed countries like Japan, Pakistan, Israel, UAE, UK, and France.

Top best landing strategy on the Moon with the lowest budget than USA, China, and Russia.

Russia, the United States, China, and the newly launched India, reached a successful landing on the moon with a total time remaining of 45 days to do their best landing strategy of Soft landing on the Moon. Next Israel, Pakistan, Japan, and UK have the biggest partnership with the USA, Russia & India to make their own Moon mission with the lowest cost to reach the moon. Russia & China want to make a partnership with ISRO (India) about the South Pole landing on the Moon.

Pakistan, Japan & Israel need a space journey to the moon to land with new technology.

Top Space agencies like the Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), Israel Space Agency (ISA), UK space agencies, and Japanese are looking to make a new strategy to land on the moon with North, West and other poles of the Moon to make a new record to reach the moon with the lowest budget from India, China, and Russia. Japan was also the first country who provide most kinds of technology to all of those countries that landed on the moon behind the study and technology of Japanese scientists.

Pakistani (SUPARCO) is the world’s oldest Space Agency which was founded before Russian, Chinese & Indian Space Agencies.

Pakistanis still have a lot of technology with the USA & Russia to develop their country to become the world’s 5th country in the moon landing and Space technology. because Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) the space agency of Pakistan is older than India, China, and Russia. SUPARCO (Pakistan Space Agency) was founded in 1961 & ISRO (Indian Space Agencies) was founded in 1969 in Asia. Pakistan’s SUPARCO is the world’s second oldest Space Agencies in the world after the USA and despite the domestic issues with Pakistan and India, the Taliban, and America there were no full responsibilities to Pakistani scientists for developing or designing a lunar to send on the moon.

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