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Is Israel Offering Bribes to Top Influencers, Media, and Celebrities to Support Israel against Hamas?

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There are top and small influencers from many countries who say that Israel is bribing the world of Journalists, Influencers, and the internet to get global support. Even though some people are saying this, it seems that it is possible, and even if not, many countries believe that they consider Israel’s actions on Gaza wrong and want Israel’s actions on Gaza to stop. So maybe Israel’s Internet Agency is doing such a search or not, but it seems that some people have seen Israel’s offers and they rejected to Support Israel. All of us cannot say whether Israel is like that in reality or whether some people are claiming on the internet that Israel is paying big Celebrities, stars, influencers, and social media fans to support them.

Let’s take an example of this X/Twitter account.

Some are saying that Israel wants to target top influencers in Gaza, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, South America, and Africa. so, that Israel can give money to them, and get support for Israel from the World on media or Twitter handles that talk about the IsraelGaza war. However, not every media is for sale because they also want that their old support which they have received from the common people should not be completely wasted in the cycle of lies. However, many people in America and Europe have now come out in support of Free Palestine because somehow this is a threat to the people of Israel and Israel wants to punish whatever happens in Gaza, and maybe Europe will punish the Jewish Population.

Why is Israel Funding Top Influencers outside Israel, Is Israel buying global support?

If such funds are released outside Israel then it is not known that Israel is actually giving money to global influencers. But if this funding continues to go beyond Israel’s people, it will become clear that Israel is paying top Influencers in return for supporting Israel. In today’s time, companies or media never support based on money because if they openly support Israel, there are a lot of chances of losing their fan following. Because now the world knows what Israel wants to do in Gaza. So now even countries all over the world know what Israel is doing in Gaza, In such a situation, if any big media blindly changes the truth into a lie, then only they will suffer loss. But Israel’s common people can also support Israel because Netanyahu needs them and not abroad, whether Be it politics, freedom, defense, or a ground operation.

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