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Is Ireland stuck between the EU, France, and Africa? or Will Ireland pass a bill for Mass Deportation? : Ireland Riot

Ireland vs African Immigrates, Ireland stuck, Ireland pass a bill to Secure borders from Immigrants, Ireland Riot, Mass Deportation from Ireland, How will terrorist attacks in Ireland be stopped?, Will Ireland, the EU, and NATO mass deportation of African Immigrants?, Why Ireland Needs Africans, Refugees, and foreign Investors or Democracy? Riot in between police, Irish, and common people in Ireland.


After a knife attack on 5 people by an Algerian immigrant in Ireland, a riot started in the whole of Ireland by the police, Irish, and common people in which some people and the police were also injured. Some people came to Ireland from Africa and other parts of the world, The houses and living places of the immigrants were targeted. Ireland is a country that is trapped in the politics of Britain, the EU, and the world. It is a country that has written about itself as independent but still a part of it is occupied by the British government (Occupied Ireland). Now the people of Ireland have made a lot of demands to the government regarding ‘deportation‘ but the government has realized that deporting immigrants would not be good for them or they do not want immigrants to go out from there. Currently, there are some shortcomings of Ireland that make African Immigrants important for them like a strong economy, Immigration system, Culture, Language, Construction, Financial, Information technology, and Health care. The policy of the EU, Europe, and Ireland has always been to attract skilled people to their country, which will help them a lot in Tourism, Technology, Workers, and Country development. Everyone in Ireland is saying that knife crime is not happening today, it has been going on for many years because the people of Ireland’s politics are also so complicated that they do not believe that someone else in a happy country would do such a thing.

How will terrorist attacks in Ireland be stopped?

By the way, it is not logical that after ‘mass deportation‘ there can never be a knife attack or terrorist attack inside Ireland. The Irish Government can take these steps but it can also see deportation of people as well as economic deportation in its country. Well, we all believe that no one can tolerate terrorist attacks. But mass deportations within Ireland may give birth to a huge crisis. So the Government of Ireland will have to make new laws for its police and upcoming immigration which will secure them as well as the whole of Europe. On one hand, the Irish people want that Ireland should belong only to the Irish people but according to democracy and international law, they may have to face a lot of problems if they only try to Deport African people. All the same, Ireland and Irish people have very good relations with African countries like Trade, Development, Political partnerships, and African communities.

Will Ireland, the EU, and NATO mass deportation of African Immigrants?

Recently, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Spain have supported Palestine very strongly. But will Ireland stop the recent terrorist attacks in its own country? Or will the Government of Ireland support immigration laws like Poland or carry out deportation? – This question is quite good. Right now we believe whatever happened in Ireland like the attack by Algerian immigrants. But will the Irish government make changes in the future regarding immigration, will Ireland violate EU rules and will the Irish government pass a bill regarding deportation in the EU? – Being a Democratic or Secular country this step is not so easy because if this step is taken Ireland will suffer more from the EU and NATO than the African Union. Ireland does not want anyone from their enemy’s allies to come here to do anything because Ireland can do the same to Africa as Israel has deported Palestine, but it can be bad for them politically, economically, or diplomatically. Recently, Croatia, Spain, Ireland, and the whole of Europe have suffered due to the failure of France, Britain, and US countries in Africa.

Why Ireland Needs Africans, Refugees, and foreign Investors or Democracy?

Although Ireland can definitely do this, it has to face a lot of pressure from the opposition, AU, France, Turkey, and Spain. Due to Ireland’s Economy, Defence, Foreign Policy, UK Occupation Ireland’s North Conflict, and Russia and International interference skilled immigrants to work in the country to further develop Demostine economy sources. Because Ireland is the largest part of the EU and NATO and so if they make even a little change regarding immigration, many African countries will lose investment, labor, and Jobs. The Irish government has the right to refugee passports or prevent illegal immigration, but if steps are taken towards the EU and Democracy, Ireland may also face pressure from the EU and France. However, Ireland itself needs Labour, workers, and developers who come from Africa but if Ireland looks only at Africans and takes the step of deporting thousands of people then this may be difficult.

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