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Is Iran sending Hezbollah to America or Europe? : Iran Vs Israel

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Well, after thinking and doing research, we always find something that we never thought of. There are also some reports that the Iran-backed group Hezbollah is making efforts in Europe and America, especially in South American countries that are against the United States. Many sources also believe that Hezbollah is present not only in Lebanon but all over the world such as in Africa, Europe, America, and Asia. Some sources also say that Hezbollah’s biggest ally is America’s enemy Venezuela, which supports the Iranbacked group so that action can be taken against the US in a future war. However, this may or may not be true because Iran only wants to make a nuclear deal between America and Israel and if America keeps this deal then it can stop Hezbollah’s mission against America in Venezuela.

America, Europe, and Israel face the largest proxy war in every country from Hezbollah.

For this, both Israel and Iran are facing a proxy war. If God forbid Israel is treated like Syria, then America will forget that it has any friends in the Middle East. They can lose their army because then by waging a proxy war America and Europe will suffer the most like Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. From a US and European perspective, it seems that Hezbollah gets a lot of support from America’s enemies such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Hamas, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, and possibly even China. In today’s time, any country, America, or America’s enemy can use any means to destroy each other, including terrorism and militant groups. Hezbollah has been created officially for Syria, Lebanon, and Iran to deal with Israel and to destroy their proxy enemies. Just as America is getting closer to Israel, Iran is also going against America and it is South American countries will support each other as much as possible so that South America’s need for support can be met.

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