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Is Elon Musk supporting Africa and Russia Against France & Democratic Party of US?

Why Elon Musk Support Russia in Africa-France matter and US will enter Africa during Donald Trump’s Presidency if able, Elon Musk and Donald trump against Biden or France?, Elon Musk and Republican party supports the France or North Korea and Niger? Russia enter in Africa what has a huge replacement.


As we think, The biggest question here is whether Elon Musk is supporting Africa or Elon Musk Supporting Russia against France, US Democrats, and all the opposition parties of America and Africa. There is a big point of view, we can’t analyze why Elon Musk supports Russia, Africa, and other parties of the global wing and China. Social Media has some questions and answers about China, America, and the Russia-Ukraine war. From the US perspective, Americans are thought, is Elon Musk supporting Africa, Russia, and China against the US presidency amid the coming of Trump’s new election cycle of the year 2024. Old Sources are told, that Russia and its allies helped the American election to win the early election and Trump’s presidency, so did Elon Musk who tried the same things that Russia had done in early.

Is Elon Musk Supporting Russia, North Korea, and China?

however, as a Republican & Democrat, we can see both sides of voices, some things seem that Elon Musk is supporting Russia and North Korea. By the way, quite a few times Elon Musk has also helped with Ukraine, but just a short time ago, if we talk, it seems that it means that Elon Musk is now moving toward Russia, which means that he is having such American thoughts. Looking at all this it seems that the current President of Russia has the biggest support from Elon Musk and Donald Trump Because Donald Trump won that election.

Trump, Elon Musk and Vladimir Putin boycott France and America’s presidency?

it seems that the boycott of France and the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war are being used in politics somewhere. So again it’s going to matter whether is America going to enter Africa amid the FranceAfrica crisis or After the victory of the American Republican Party, are Russia and America going to turn into old friends like amid the past early World War 2 – meaning past war happened against Hitler and japans. Well, if we think about where Elon Musk and Biden are doing their politics, in such circumstances, France also did not get any support from America in the Africa-France crisis or withdrawal. So now it has to be seen whether Macron can get his Presidency back or Donald Trump will be able to become President.

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