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is Elon Musk Affiliated with Russia or Putin and Why Elon Musk need Russia?

Why Elon Musk need Russia & Putin of US Election 2024?, Can Elon Musk & Putin trust each other amid Ukraine-Russia War?, Is Elon Musk Supporting the Russia or USA? ElonMusk and Russia’s proxy with NATO? Elon Musk Affiliated with Russia or Putin. democrats Vs Republican in ukraine-Russia war and Trump win 2024?


The recent viral social media trends are telling that Elon Musk is a Friend of Russia and Supporting the Russia amid RussiaUkraine war of Europe’s biggest tensions. Elon Musk is America’s richest person who become the most powerful person in Politics, business, Investments, and spreading technology across the world. On Twitter or Elon Musk is looking to make friends with the Russian Federation and Putin. As the Democratic perspective and active presidency of the USA are going to take a new role in America’s next upcoming election of 2024.

Is Elon Musk Supporting the Russia or USA?

On Twitter and Social media, fans of Elon Musk’s official Twitter account were affiliated with Russian-state media’s mark on Elon Musk’s Social media. by the way, Democrats thought Elon Musk is a Traitor because Elon Musk openly supported to Ukraine in during the war in Russia. it seems that the Democratic perspective backed some people’s thoughts Elon Musk has deep ties with Russian Media to get the biggest support in US Election 2024 to offer winning of the Republican Party or Trump.

Can Elon Musk & Putin trust each other or is Elon Musk funding Russia & Why Elon Musk need Russia & Putin?

In this view of Geopolitics, Russian president can’t trust anyone because the Putin already knows Elon Musk, The USA & NATO countries won’t be a friends during the war with Ukraine or this war might be a proxy with NATO. just saw a trend of Elon Musk’s tweet about Trump and Musk Always supported the Republican party, It seems they might Support Russia in proxy to offer a presidential seat to Trump in 2024. By the way, Elon Musk is cooperating with Ukraine and providing official aid to Ukraine but not Russia, From an American perspective we can see, that Elon Musk can’t Support Russia as proudly American. That could one and only reason why Elon Musk Support the Putin, because of coming of US Election 2024 and some of American claims Russia helped Trump in the past election. so perhaps, that could be a reason why Elon Musk If Support’s Russian Media & Putin.

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