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IRGC will attack areas of Israel, Syrian Rebels or Golan Heights within Hours : CIA news

Will Iran now attack Syria, Israel, and the Golan Heights simultaneously?, Israel Vs Gaza, Iran Vs Israel in Syria. CIA, Mossad and Iranian Intelligence warns Iran, US and Israel.


Recently, due to Israel’s other air strikes on Syria, a big announcement has come from Iran’s side that Iran can now do a big retaliation against Israel. For now, this medicine is being done by the CIA, Mossad, and top intelligence agencies but till now the official reports of Iran are only that Iran will avenge the death of its IRGC guard. But now it is believed that Iran can now carry out major attacks on Syria, Iraq, and the Golan Heights which Israel may have to face major consequences in the future. America’s CIA has warned that the US has recently made a deal with Israel for the biggest arms, weapons, and fighter jets which are capable of responding to any attack by Iran. Due to this, Iran is also buying top advanced weapons from Russia which can compete with American weapons. However, with this attack, Israel has dealt with the existing Iranian guard in Syria, due to which now Iran’s pressure is also on the Syrian rebels or freedom fighters who may fall prey to Iranian attacks in the future. Now in the future, Iran will not only attack Israel and Golan Heights but Iran can also attack other existing Israeli-Syrian forces in Syria, like the previous time Israeli businessmen were killed in Iran’s attack in Iraq.

Will Iran now attack Syria, Israel, and the Golan Heights simultaneously?

Therefore, Iran would not want to start World War 3 by attacking Israeli cities directly because it could launch major attacks against Israel and Israeli proxies elsewhere in Syria. Just as Israel attacked other IRGC forces in Syria, Iran can also attack Israeli interests in Northern Israel, Golan Heights, Syria, and Iraq. Instead of attacking Israel directly, Iran can definitely shock Israel by attacking Israeli interests in the Golan Heights, Lebanon, and Iraq. It is possible that in the coming future, Iran can now promote attacks on Israel from both sides by making deals with Hezbollah and Hamas. Iran and Israel never want to wage a direct war because in this they will suffer more losses and Hezbollah, Palestine, Israel, and Hamas will benefit more. So now we can assume that Iran can attack Israel from any means like from Golan Heights, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Gaza. Like last time, this time too Iran cannot directly attack Israel. If Iran directly attacks Israel, then like Israel, the world can consider Iran as its enemy and the cause of the Third World War. For now, Iran has a lot of opportunities to convince the world against international, domestic, and anti-Israel, but if Iran first attacks Israel directly, then both Iran and Israel will show their foreign policy or geopolitical power in front of the world.

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