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Iraqi and Syrian militias may attack US bases and Israeli position in Golan Heights : Israel-Iran War

Why does the US sanction IDF, suspend US Defense Aid, US Election, and Iran Israel War?, Israel Iran War, Iraqi Kataib Hezbollah attacks US bases in Middle East.


Recently, Iraq’s Kataib Hezbollah and Syrian Assad fighters have recently given their statements that they can now target US military bases. However, he also said that if the Israeli air force tries to challenge Syria and Iranian-backed Iraqi or Syrian and Iraqi fighters in the future, Iraqi and Syrian proxies could now simultaneously attack Israeli and US bases. Because they believe that due to this proxy and geopolitics between Israel and Iran, Israel has continuously attacked Iranian-backed Iraqi, and Syrian fighters and groups. Due to this, because of the recent operation done by IDF recently, US warnings are being raised on his behalf. Recently the war between ISIS, Iranian proxies, the Israeli Army and Hezbollah has been increasing, even though there has been peace between Iran and Israel. Because of this, now the US can face sanctions on the IDF because of the massive operations carried out by Israel in Syria, Iraq, Gaza, and the Golan Heights, and the Israeli authority can lose future US aid to Israel.

Why does the US sanction IDF, suspend US Defense Aid, US Election, and Iran Israel War?

Because whatever Israeli strikes, bombings, and operations are going on in the Middle East, only US Military bases are under threat. Because even though Israel is fighting for its defense and security, the war between Iran and Israel is still going on by proxy in the Middle East. On one hand, attacks by Hezbollah, Iraqi Kataib Hezbollah, and Houthis are increasing and at the same time, Hamas is also re-entering Gaza. Currently, the threats being issued by Iraqi and Syrian militias to the US may have a significant impact due to the US elections because Iranian-backed proxies can carry out major attacks on US bases due to the US elections. Due to this, the pressure from the Iraqi and Syrian governments may also increase on the US to withdraw their troops from the Middle East. In the future, Iraqi and Syrian fighters, together with Hezbollah and Iran, can launch a major attack on the Golan Heights if Israeli air forces continuously attack Iraq and Syria. Because whenever Israel goes into Iraq and Syria, it attacks every militia simultaneously, which gives opportunity to the militias who can attack US bases and Israel’s Golan Heights.

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