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Iraq to buy Electricity, Gas, and Defense from Iran in 2024, US and Israel Losing Middle East : Iran US War

Why did Iraq and Syria import and Export to Iran instead of Israel and the US?, US Vs Iraq, Iran War in iraq, Iraq Gold Exports, How US and Israel Losing Middle East, US and Israel Economy Decline, Israel Vs Iran in Syria.


Recently, Iran and its proxy war have been continuously seen in Iraq due to Israel, Gaza, and Yemen. It seems that in the future, Iraq will be able to import billions of USD worth of Electricity, Defense, and Gas from Iran instead of the US and Israel, due to which it seems that in the future, Iraq will be able to have complete independence from the US and Israel. Currently, there is a cold war going on between US and Iran due to which the US believes that Iranian-backed militias have attacked American military bases on the Jordan Border and it is possible that Iranian-backed militias may attack US bases again. . Because now it is believed that in the future the governments or militias of both Iraq and Syria want the US Army to withdraw from the Middle East or their countries. Although Iraq got the biggest support from US and Israel after Saddam Hussein, now it seems that Iraq and Syria want US and Israel to be completely driven out.

Why did Iraq and Syria import and Export to Iran instead of Israel and the US?

Because Iraq sold the cheapest Crude Oil, Refined petroleum, Gold, Fertilizers, Cement, and Pharmaceuticals to US and Israel, now it seems that Iran wants to capture the top exporting sectors of Iraq due to which Israel and the US can be defeated. Because what the US and Israel can get cheap and free from Iraq can now be made more expensive for them by Iran. Due to this, after Israel’s withdrawal from Iraq, there are chances of prices skyrocketing in Israel, the US, and the European market. After the US invasion of Iraq, it seems that the friendship between the US and Israel may be affected and Iran wants Iraq not to be made a scapegoat in the war with the US, Israel, and Iran. US presence in Iraq and the Middle East is profitable for the US and Israel. But if the US Withdraws from Iraq then Israel will also have to leave Gaza and the Golan Heights. Iran and Iraq, which used to fight war for the last many years, will also talk about peace and increase their defense, trade, exports, and imports. It now seems that in the future the trade between Iraq and Iran could reach approximately $100 USD due to which Israel’s Energy, Gold, Fertilizers, and top companies will be harmed.

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