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Iraq exports the largest Gold to Iran and Russia amid War in the Middle East : Israel-Iran War

Why does Iraq sell Gold, petroleum, Oil, and gas to Iran, Russia, and China?, Donald Trump reject Defense Aid to Israel, Iraq Vs Israel in Middle East, Iran and Russia buys Iraqi Resources. US, israel and Europe failed in Iraq.


Currently, after the Iranian missile attack and the death of other Israeli top businessmen (Peshraw Dizayee) in Iraq, now Iraq’s biggest exports like Gold, Crude petroleum, Refined petroleum, and Petroleum gas. Now Iran and Russia can buy which is causing the biggest damage to Israel and the US. Because now most of Iraq’s exports have created huge expectations for Iran, Russia, and China due to which in the future US may have to lift sanctions from Iran and Russia. Due to this Iran and Russia together can distribute Petroleum, Gas, Energy, and food exports. By the way, big businessmen between Iraq, Syria, and Israel have always supported the Iraqi party which is pro-Israel. But now due to the friendship between Iran and Iraq, most of the businesses in Iraq are increasing their interest in Iran, Russia, and China.

Why does Iraq sell Gold, petroleum, Oil, and gas to Iran, Russia, and China?

Actually, Iraq exports the most crude petroleum, refined petroleum, gold, petroleum coke, and petroleum gas to the world. But for now, looking at the current situation, top businessmen, companies, and mining or refineries based in Iraq want to make Iran, Russia, and China their biggest partners due to which the US army can be withdrawn from Iraq in the future. So now the US and Israel still want to strengthen their army and dominance in Iraq so that in the future Iran and Russia can be pushed back from Iraq. Iran and Russia’s business, partnership, and diplomatic relations with Iraq are like unilaterally forcing the US, Europe, and Israel to lift all sanctions imposed on Iran. Whatever cheap energy the US, Europe, and Israel get, it is from Iraq, Syria, and Iran, and if the US gets hit by Syria and Iraq, then in the future US’s other Gasoline, Petroleum, Crude, Gold, and US Debt will also surge. So now Iran and Russia coming closer to Iraq will be a shock to the Middle East as well. It does not seem that America and Europe want to end their interest in Iraq but if America has suffered huge losses due to Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Israel, and Gaza wars then due to US elections US can withdraw from Iraq and Syria. But even if the government in the US changes, the US’s stance on Iraq will remain the same. Due to this, it can bind Israel by giving defense and financial assistance to strengthen its relations with the Middle East, Iran, and Iraq.

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