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Iraq and Syria to Shutdown Israeli Port of Haifa, Global Economy Crisis : Israel-Hamas War

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Right now, Iraq and Syrian-based or Iranian-backed Militias, and Army and Iraqi forces are trying to make a big war strategy for the Mediterranean Sea and Port of Haifa together with Iraq and Syria in the future. Because Port of Haifa is considered to be the largest economic corridor in the world and is considered to be a very important port for African, European, and Asian countries. By the way, it is not only facing threats from Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Raid but is also becoming a threat from the Mediterranean Sea and the Port of Haifa. There is a possibility of war between African, Asian, and European countries like the Red Sea and Yemen after Iraq and Syria’s action on the Mediterranean Sea and the Port of Haifa. Therefore, it does not seem to me that after the war on Port of Haifa or the attack by Iraqi militias or Iranian-backed groups. Israel will have to take action against Iraq and Syria also, because of which Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon can declare a State of War.

Why is the Port of Haifa becoming a war zone between Africa, Asia, the US, or Europe?

Port of Haifa is a very important trade route for the world in which the trade of the Suez Canal, Red Sea, Strait of Hormuz, and the world’s top countries pass through it. Because if this happens then Turkey, China, Russia, Russia, Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East may also try to jump into this war. Recently, Iraq has attacked Haifa with a huge cruise missile and it seems that in the future there is a possibility of more war in Port of Haifa or Northern Areas of Israel. Haifa and the Mediterranean Sea are considered very important for Israel’s navy, so if Iraq and Syria attack Israeli ports, it will have an impact on many countries of the world. Along with this, there can also be a threat to the Strait of Gibraltar port due to which Spain, the UK, Italy, France, and the African Union will be facing each other’s Political Tensions. There will be a threat to Israel’s navy, third-party intervention and defense equipment from the Port of Haifa, but North Africa and Europe will also have to enter the war if Iran and Russia enter the Mediterranean Sea. This Haifa Port is Israel’s largest port and a vital regional transshipment hub that handles very large trade routes for the world.

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