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Iran’s Strongest Air Defense System to Retaliate against American F-35, THAAD and Patriot : Iran Vs Israel

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Now Iran wants to become the strongest air defense in the world. Currently, US-made THAAD and Patriot are the top missile defense in the world and Iran wants to build the world’s best air defense, antiballistic missile system that can destroy Israeli missiles in the air along with US and European missiles. World’s top Missiles experts saying all this, now Iran wants to make nuclear missiles and air defense systems. Iran’s best and upcoming strong ‘Arman’ antiballistic missile system and the Azarakhsh low-altitude air defense system are now generating the most attention for Israeli, American, and European missiles. Although F-35, THAAD, and Patriot are now the world’s top strong fighter jets and American missile defense. Currently, the US has given the F35 Fighter Jet to Israel which Iran can easily destroy in the air and destroy its Defense System now Iran has Shahed 136 drones, and Fattah, Shahab-3, and Khorramshahr-4. The top missiles now installed in Israel can directly reach their target by avoiding the radar of Defense Systems like THAAD, Patriot and Arrow-2, Arrow-3, David’s Sling, and Iron Dome.

Will Iran Destroy American and Israeli Defense Systems of Israel and Western missiles?

However, Iran does not plan to enter the Middle East war but if US and Israel attack Iran with Airstrike or Missiles then Iran has a Russian-Iranian-made Air Defense system that will be able to attack Israeli and American targets in the future. So for the US and Israel, waging a direct war with Iran is like waging a full-scale war with Russia, China, East Syria, Iraq, and the Middle East. There is another thing that the war between Israel and Gaza can end suddenly so that if Iran successfully tests Iranian Nuclear Missiles due to the US Election, in the future Iran will get a chance to withdraw from Gaza Israel war. After Iran’s Nuclear Test, America, Israel, the Middle East, and Russia will not have much interest in the war between Gaza and Israel because now Iran will not want an Iran-US war. After Iran’s Gaza and Israel’s other interests in the war ended, even the US would not be able to provide much defense aid to Israel. With which the US can then prepare to exit the Middle East. Similarly, US Troops can be withdrawn before the US election and Iran’s nuclear test, but in the future, due to Iran’s superior defense and dominance, it can compete to make other Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East.

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