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Iran’s biggest entry in BRICS countries supported by South Africa and Russia

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The world’s top powerful countries in the Middle East are looking to join BRICS to defeat the American and Israeli sanctions and save their economy with new currencies, partnerships, and investing opportunities. Iran in the list of BRICS for the last 2 years to try to become a partner of members of BRICS countries to grow their business, and exports and make billions away from the American currencies.

Iran was so lucky in the relationship between America & Iran to discuss new economics, demography, and investment deal, but they lost all the support of the American democratic party instead of the Republicans. Iran thought Donald Trump was an enemy of the country of Iran during their presidency, but they still losing whole the support of America in any tension in the Middle East between Israel and Iran from also Joe Biden.

Because of the latest roles in BRICS, Iran going to join the BRICS countries to make new economic, defense, cooperation, and investments. During the Ukraine-Russia & America or NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine, Most support is provided by Iran to Russia in defense of Russia. Now Russia is openly welcoming Iran and their allies in BRICS with South Africa, Brazil, and China to make a new group of those countries against NATO or might go against the whole of America.

South Africa, Russia, and China are supporting and making a promise to support each other countries to develop together and increase their global dominance instead of NATO and G20. They want to set up a new goal to provide new opportunities with their own currencies, business, Tax-Free, Economic, geo-graphics, Politics, and Defense.

Russian, China, and South Africa mostly support Iran, most countries filled out the application in this week to have a BRICS membership to develop their countries within the top ruler countries like Russia, China, South Africa, India, and Brazil. South Africa’s approval of Iran’s Entry into BRICS is mostly attractive to the business ways and a central of the Middle East.

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