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Iranian Troops to Syria, Assad evacuated into bomb Shelter, Rafah Vs Israel, US Denied Nuclear Iran Deal : Israel Vs Iran War

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After the recent withdrawal of Israeli soldiers from Gaza, now it seems that a new war may break out between Israel and Iran, for which there are very simple reasons. Because recently Iran had told them that Israel would have to stop Perment because Iran could now carry out large-scale attacks on Israel. On one hand, Iran has threatened that if Israel does not completely withdraw from Gaza, then Iran can attack Israel. This simply means that Iran can no longer make a permanent ceasefire in Gaza by confronting the US and Israel. currently, the US and the White House have said that they are now not ready to make a regional peace deal with Iran for a permanent ceasefire in the current situation, Can’t do it. Because if Israel and the US make a permanent ceasefire with Iran, it can end up affecting America’s interests the most, which is America’s presence in the Middle East. But what has definitely happened is that due to fear of retaliation from Iran, it had put pressure on Israel due to which Israel has withdrawn all its troops from Gaza.

Are Israel and Iran ready to direct war in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and the Israeli Soil? or Will the Israeli Army Enter into Rafah?

Currently, we have seen very major changes due to Iran’s changes inside Syria, in which it seems that if the US and Israel fail to achieve a complete ceasefire in Gaza, then a direct attack by Iran on Israel may happen. Iranian officials have said that if the US and Israel do not maintain a permanent ceasefire inside Gaza, then Iran can be replaced, which means not only Iran but also Houthi, Lebanese Army, Hezbollah, and Syria fighters can join. Iran’s next target will be Tel Aviv, which can be quite complicated and also dangerous. Due to this Hamas will again become stronger inside Gaza and Hamas and Houthi can attack together inside Southern Israel. Because in this situation Houthi recruitment, Iran’s missile tests, the safety of Syria’s pro-Iranian leaders, and Hezbollah’s leadership on the Golan Heights are in deployments are increasing. It is believed that Iran will never wage a direct war on Israel, and there is no need for Iran to wage a direct war because thousands of Iran’s proxies are present in the Middle East which can cause huge damage to Israel from all sides. So now in this situation, Russia and Iran are continuously coming together on Nuclear programs and for the first time, it has been openly stated that Iran will now invest and develop in many defense sectors with the help of Russia. On the other hand, Israeli forces have also said that they are ready to deal with Iran, and also that if Hamas attacks Israel again, the Israeli army may launch a new operation on Rafah in the future.

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