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Iran to buy Russian Tu-95 Against B-52 bomber in 2024, Israel Vs Palestine : Iran News

Iran may block Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and Strait of Hormuz, Why Iran Buying Russia Tu-95 Bomber in Local Iranian and Russian Currency?, Ukraine Vs Russia in Israel Hamas War, Israel buys American weapons, Russian Tu-95 to destroy American aircraft carrier, fighter jets, and B-52 bombers.


Currently, Iran and Israel’s ongoing proxy and presence war against Iran, Israel, and the US have reached a new mode because Russia’s Tu-95 bomber is making it very difficult for the American B-52 bomber in Iraq, Syria, and Arab countries. Because 48 hours ago Ukraine is continuously targeting Russia’s biggest Russian Jets, Aircraft Carrier and Helicopter in Crimea and the Black Sea and American F16, F-15 Eagles, 165 F-15 Strike Eagles, and 2 F-15EX Eagle Through this, Russia is also retaliating to Kiev in a very strong manner. Because now European and Russian media have different claims and say that Ukraine is winning and Russian media say that Russia is winning. However, Russia is still in control of Ukraine and most of the areas are under the Russian army, so it is clearly visible that Russia is winning, but now as Ukraine is destroying Russia’s top weapons from American weapons, it is a challenge for Russia. It seems that Israel and Iran will enter into direct war and the Tu-95 Bomber can give great hope to Iran-Syria to counter America on Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and Strait of Hormuz. For this, the Tu-95 Bomber is very important.

Why Iran Buying Russia Tu-95 Bomber in Local Iranian and Russian Currency?

But now it seems that because of the Iran-Israel war, the closeness between Iran and Russia is forcing Iran to acquire strategic, aircraft, and advanced weapons. Currently, the US is sending weapons like a huge aircraft carrier, fighter jets, and B-52 bombers, it now seems that Iran is also buying in acquiring the world’s top TU95 Bomber from Russia. Because Iran-Russia has started trading in local currency, it can be a big challenge for Israel and the US because Iran can now buy top advanced weapons from Russia because US sanctions imposed on Iran and Russia are about to expire. That’s it and if Iran’s Western Sanctions expire, it could pose a threat to Israel and the US for US bases built in the Middle East. All the countries believe that if the Iran-US war comes to an end, Iran can take the help of Houthi, Iraq Movements, the Syrian Army, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Palestine to surround the US because currently, Iraq has said that the presence of US Iraq has caused considerable damage to the rest of the Middle East.

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