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Iran recieve Aggressive Fighter Jet Yak-130, Qaher-313 and Mig-29 from Russia, China and North Korea

Why USA, China, Russia, NATO won’t offer Iran to develop Nuclear weapons?, Iran’s Mig-29, Sukhoi Su-35, Yak-130, Qaher-313, and S400 Missile defense systems, Nuclear Deal & Israel and Palestine, Americato support Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine, and Russia to supports Iran, Syria and Belarus, China to Support Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and North Korea. World War 3 in South Asia, US Ballistic Missile & Israel’s Iron Dome, top fighter jets of 2023, Nuclear world war in 2024.


Iran’s become the most powerful country in the Middle East with all kinds of advanced Fighter Jets which they are selling, manufacturing, developing, and buying top best fighter jets from Russia and China. In the Future war with Israel & its friendly countries like the USA, Iran makes deep ties with Russia, China, and Pakistan to make their own strategy about War with the USA and Israel amid the tension of the Nuclear Deal & Israel and Palestine. Iran has offered Drones, aircraft, and missiles to Russia to win the war against Ukraine, In the future Russia may coaliation with Russia or China to war with Israel or the USA to compete USA from Iraq, Syria and near the borders of Iran.

Iran’s Mig-29, Sukhoi Su-35, Yak-130, Qaher-313, and S400 Missile defense systems easily attack Israel or the USA in Iraq or a proxy army.

Russia and Iran have the biggest deal with the Sukhoi Su35 which makes the Iranian army stronger than other countries in the Middle East, Israel & USA are making Aircraft and Ballistic Missile technology and selling to Western countries to retaliate against Russia. Sukhoi 35 may bypass the US Ballistic Missile & Israel’s Iron Dome and easily attack on Israel and any country if their geopolitics and war strategy does works. Russia’s top weapons like S400, Mig29, Sukhoi 35, and Iranian Drones can be play strategic role to defeat the two front war with the USA & Israel.

Why USA won’t offer Iran to develop Nuclear weapons?

Also, America, Israel, and Russia would not want Iran to make something that can cause harm to us in the future if Iran does make cheap weapons and take the place of big countries in saving those weapons. Russia, the USA, and Israel have different kinds of issues with other matters in South Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. However, the recent situation of war with NATO, Israel, and Taiwan is becoming a new role in the world for top countries like Russia, the USA, and China. America is supporting Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine where the top three enemy countries of America are trapped badly. Russia is also supporting Iran, Syria and Belarus to win the Ukraine War. In South Asia, China also supports Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and North Korea to beat the USA & Taiwan.

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