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Iran provide weapons to Kurdish if Israel, US, and Turkey join the coalition against IRGC in Syria : IRGC VS Israel

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However, according to Kurdish or Syrian media recently, it is believed that Turkey has recently taken major action against Kurdish fighters in North Syria. Because Iran is currently considered the biggest enemy against the US and Israel. In the rest of the Middle East, friendship is also developing between Hamas and Turkey, so now Iran is trying to take action against Israel in Syria. In view of the death of Iran’s IRGC Commander in the Israeli airstrike, there is a need to strengthen the friendship between Iran and Kurds in the rest of the world because Turkey has been the biggest partner of America and NATO. Although Turkey’s attacks on Kurdistan inside Syria have increased and recently Iran does not care about any war between Turkey and Kurdistan. Here it will be a huge step for Turkey which may have to choose between Russia and China or Europe and America. Because if Turkey joins hands with Israel and NATO in Syria, then it would be better for Iran to support Kurdistan. Everyone inside Syria is blackmailing someone to join with each other in the open, but Turkey does not even trust Israel and the US because earlier the US and Israel supported Kurdistan against Turkey.

Why is Iran sending weapons, missiles, and drones to Kurdish?

Those who support Iran and Iraq’s Kurdish fighters against ISIS and the US, but Turkey is a NATO and US Allies country, it is believed that if Israel, the US, and Turkey are doing anything against Iran’s interests, then Iran is supporting Kurdish fighters. The logo can be supported on a larger scale. And for the last many years, the Kurdish people have been supporting Israel because they had to remove the Russians and Bashar al-Assad from Syria. Russia, Israel, and Europe have also played the role of independence of Kurdistan, but due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, Iran can take advantage of it in attacking Iraq and Syria against the US and Israel. Israel, America, Iran, and Turkey are all enemies of Kurdistan because they want to remain independent and are trying to destroy any third-party country’s armies. For many years, Iran had given arms and army cooperation to the Kurdish people in Iraq and Syria because they wanted to eliminate ISIS and American interests, but now we have seen the continuous entry of Israel and the US into the Middle East. Iran has been supporting the Kurdish people for the first time. For now, the matter is at a normal level due to Turkey’s continuous actions against Israel, but if the US, Israel, and Turkey together move against Iran and Kurdistan, then Turkey’s biggest weakness could be there. What I mean to say now is that Turkey cannot trust anyone right now, especially the US, Israel, Iran, and Europe. Because everyone has political roles now and there are many phases in the war, no one knows who is whose.

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