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Iran May Increase IRGC and Iranian Militia Soldier’s Salary in 2024 Amid Israel, US, and Gaza War : Iran War

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Due to this war going on between Iran and Israel’s proxy militia and Gaza, some countries believe that Iran can increase the salary of IRGC or Iranian Militia before going to war with Israel or the US. Because now Iran also Seems that in the future there can be a war with Iran or other countries in the US, Middle East, and Israel, because of which Iran can face the US along with Israel. Along with this, Iran may also have to focus more on the budget of its proxy army or Militia Groups because it is believed that this may be the last war between Iran, Israel, and the US and in this case US will be with Israel. In view of this, by trying from our side, Iran can remain strong in front of America. For now, Iran has very big weapons that can destroy countries like Israel but it is not so easy for Iran to stand in front of the US and stop US dominance in the Middle East.

Why does Israel Want the Iran-US War in the Middle East to capture Gaza or the West Bank?

In previous wars, Israel benefited the most in Golan Heights, Gaza, and the West Bank because, in the Syria war, everyone depended on each other, but now the Gaza war is not so easy for the US and Israel because of the combined power of Hamas and Iran. Also, There is some trouble due to the proxy action. Iran is now sitting idle because Iran wants the US and Israel together should take action in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon so that the government can put pressure on the US and Israel to eliminate the presence of the US Military in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. And this thing US and Israel themselves know that waging a direct war with Iran would be beneficial for them but taking action in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen would be a victory for Iran in the eyes of the world. So in such a situation, Iran can now increase its army defense along with proxy war and militia defense which is present in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. If Iran wants to keep Israel and the US in a long-term war and eliminate the presence of the US and Israel from the Middle East, then their Iranianbacked militia will have to keep the defense budget strong.

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