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Iran may establish deep ties with Europe and the Middle East : Iran Nuclear Deal

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Currently, the geopolitics of Iran and Israel is gradually going down due to which Israel is facing increasing challenges in the Middle East from Hezbollah, Hamas, and Houthi. But despite all this, there is still a war going on in Gaza and Lebanon with Israel, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Houthi, but now the US and Iran are not showing any special interest in it, due to which in future Iran, US and Europe will force their way. Because the Israel and Gaza war is increasing, it is not able to keep an eye on Iran’s nuclear projects. Because entangling Israel in war is seen as the biggest advantage of Iran and Russia. Due to this, in the Israel War, there was a political, defense, and economic split between the Middle East, and Europe, on one side and Israel on the other. Now all Israel-friendly countries are in a lot of confusion as to how long will Israel and the Western World be able to fight Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and Houthi.

Why Iran, Russia, BRICS, and Europe will establish relations in the Middle East?

Earlier it was enough that Europe and America giving aid to Israel is a big deal like the US and Europe getting against Iran or Russia but now it seems Israel is far ahead of fighting into a 3-front war will difficult. Due to this now the US and Israel are not keeping an eye on Iran’s nuclear projects in the right way. Because as per Iran’s wish, it has happened in other Middle East because of Israel’s war in Gaza and Lebanon, it seems that Iran will progress in the future and also in other types of defense sectors. But now the top intelligence officers of the US and the world believe that Iran can conduct its biggest nuclear test before the US elections of 2024. Which may lead to more actions by Iran against Israel in the future. While Israel in the Gaza war, there was the hope of a clash between Iran, the US, and Israel but now neither Iran has been able to attack Israel nor Israel has ever been able to attack Iran directly. But now Iran has achieved a lot of success in missile tests, spaces, and defense in the last 3 months, while on the other hand, Israel and America are facing huge debt economically, and in need of defense and aid. Because if Israel loses the war, then along with Israel and America, Europe may also have to strengthen its relations with Iran.

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