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Iran may declare a state of War If Israel Attacks Nuclear Sites of Iran : Iran Israel War

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Currently, Iran has used the largest number of missiles and drones on Israel so far, such as 185 Kamikaze Drones, 110 Ballistic Missiles, and 36 Cruise Missiles have been fired on many cities of Israel. Although there are different claims by Israel and Iranian media, IDF, IRGC, and experts, still Israel has increased about $110 Billion in Defense Security which is quite attractive in the future. The impact of this attack by Iran will be visible all over the world, but Iran claims that it has carried out this attack because of the Israeli airstrike on Syria, but till now there has been no special war-like situation. Because US and Western countries have also said that Israel should not respond to this Iranian attack, because if Iran and Israel respond to each other’s attack, World War 3 is possible in the future. Because for now, under international law, whatever attack Iran has done on Israel was retaliation and not a war and terror attack. Because of this, the US and European countries have told Israel that if Israel attacks Iran again, then in the future Iran can declare a ‘State of War’ against Israel, due to which Iran and Israel can start a direct war.

Will Israel Attack Iran or Iranian Military presence in Syria Iraq, Lebanon or Iran?

Well, the US is absolutely right here because Israel should not attack Iran for now. But Israeli forces, Netanyahu, and Israeli politics are raising much more serious questions about Iran, with some saying that Israel could now attack other Iranian presences in Syria and this Israeli retaliation would be called a first attack during the Iranian retaliation. Since Israel was the first to attack Iran, it is a big question whether Israel itself wants to escalate the war by responding to Iran’s attack. Because UN (United Nations) has also recently said that when Hamas attacked Israel, that time Israel not only retaliated but also harmed the lives of the people. Due to this, if Israel attacks Iran again or attacks its nuclear sites, Iran will be able to launch a State of War or Ground Offensive. Because US does not want Israel and the US to get into the Middle East war together because if the US goes to war directly with Iran then this war will be very long and also US military will have to face maximum Iranian proxy attacks. Similarly, Iran also does not want to directly attack the US military presence because this war is between Israel and Iran. So it is possible that Israel may have to respond to the Iranian attack in Lebanon and Syria. if Israel and US the Iranian presence are simultaneously attacked, then Iran’s next steps could be quite dangerous.

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