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Iran increase defense budget in 2024, Israel-Iran War, US Sanction, Iran Satellite, Yemen War : Defense Budget

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Recently, Iran’s defense budget has increased to a great extent and now it seems that by the end of 2024, Iran’s budget will be in the top 5 countries. Iran’s budget has been around $10 Billion USD for the last 5 years but now due to Iran’s satellite, defense, the Middle East war, Yemen, Houthi, Syria, Iraq Afghanistan, and ongoing problems with Pakistan, Iran has now increased its defense budget. However, Iran is the only country that has strategically increased its interest in the Middle East, such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Gaza. And now it seems that in the future, Iran’s proxy war and involvement with Afghanistan and Pakistan may increase due to which we can see other big developments in Iran’s IRGC, Defense, Space, and Navy. At the same time, Iran’s government is also spending billions of USD on Defense, Army, or Proxy Militia Group for now and it may happen that if the US and Israel fail to save their interest in the Middle East then in the future Iran will have more defense budget.

Why US and Israel withdraw from Iraq, Syria, and the Middle East?

However, in the last 10 years, Iran has gained the power to strengthen its power in the Middle East, which even the US and Israel have not yet had. And now even US and Israel are hesitant to have a direct war with Iran. It is possible that in the future, Iran’s interest is going to increase in Egypt, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Now only Pakistan and Afghanistan are left with the US and Israel for the coalition against Iran. It is possible that if a political crisis arises in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Egypt, then Israel, India, and Iran will try to take an interest in those countries. Recently, Iran’s total defense budget is about $24.6 billion and just now Iran also successfully launched its ‘Qaam-120′ satellite into space. And now Iran can increase its defense budget to strengthen its interests in satellite, defense, proxy army, Hezbollah, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. Because Israel and the US are still no less than a threat to Iran and thus it is possible that if the US and Israel refuse to withdraw from the Middle East, they can create trouble for Iran. In the Future, US sanction and Iranian interests will increase the Iranian Defense Budget to beat the US and Israeli Interests in Middle East.

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