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Iran deploys IRGC soldiers near Golan Heights to retaliate against Israeli Strikes : Iran Israel War

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According to recent reports by some media and defense experts, it is being said that Iran is now looking for revenge for its killed commanders and soldiers from Israel. This can now be quite disastrous for the Middle East, Israel, Syria, and Lebanon, there is currently a statement from Iran’s side that Iran can now launch a triple-front war on Israel. Till today we believe that the US, Israel, and the Middle East together will fail every attempt of Iran but now it seems that everyone is failing in front of Iran. Recently, almost all the countries have been trapped in their foreign policy, Israel’s international image, and Iran’s trap. Because it is believed that Iran can now attack Israel at any time, this information was given to Israel by America’s CIA. Iran’s movements are now happening in many places in the Middle East. Due to this now Israel, Iran and many countries in the Middle East are keeping an eye on Iran’s retaliation. But now Iran’s military moves can also be seen around Golan Heights, Lebanon, Gaza, and Jordan in the coming time. Some Israeli and Western media believe that Iran is trying to surround Israel from all sides. On the other hand, Iran and Iranians also want the IRGC to retaliate by firing Iranian missiles at Israel’s defense base, military base, and radar activity in which Israel can lose its control in Syria, Iraq, and Northern Israel.

Will Iran exercise, Military involvement and retaliate against Israel from Syria or Lebanon?

In fact, some experts claim that the war between Israel and Gaza will stop only after the war between Iran and Israel. It is possible that in the future Israel may also have to use nuclear weapons. It is because of this that Iran does not want to directly attack Israel for now, which actually means that Iran will first achieve its nuclear powers or level which is very important to attack Israel. Recently Israel became a nuclear-powered country and if there is an Iran-Israel war then Israel’s target will be Iran. So due to this, Iran will first test its nuclear weapons and after that, it may possibly go to war with Israel. Because if Iran starts a war by attacking Israel at this time, then in the future Israel may have to launch a nuclear attack on Iran. Because for now both Israel and Iran are not fighting face to face but are fighting proxy war in Syria and Iraq. Due to this, the world will not have any special reactions, but if Iran attacks Israel first then Israel may get a chance to use nuclear weapons. When a war is fought for too long then nuclear weapons are used to end the war. But Iran will strengthen its 12,000 to 50,000 IRGC soldiers in Syria and Lebanon near Israeli borders so that Israel’s upcoming airstrikes can be avoided.

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