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Iran Buys S-400 from Russia, US Retailiate, Jordan Syria Border, US Military Base : US Iran War

Iran Buys S400 defense System and Jordan Buys Patriot air defense systems, Iran Vs US in Jordan, Why Iran Buys Russian S400 Amid War between Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, US, Israel, and Syria?, US Army Bases in Middle East.


Currently, about 3 or 4 US soldiers have been killed after Syrian, Iranian-backed Unknown-Umbrella Militias attacked US troops with drones in Jordan, and a dozen more troops may also have been injured. And it is possible that in the future, the US and Israel together can launch the biggest attack on Iran to date because US senators, the US Army, and Intels want the Iranian-backed Militias should not to attack US bases again like this. Now, after the attack on the US at Tower 22 from the Syrian and Jordan border, it seems that the US can take further action against Iran like targeting Iranian interests in Yemen and Iranianbacked groups in collaboration with Israel in Iraq and Syria. Currently, the Houthis in Yemen have been able to fight happens in between US Ships, Iranian militias in Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Israel and now Jordan among other US and Iranian-backed groups. Currently, Jordan has also tried to buy Patriot air defense systems from the US and the US may be able to influence Jordan’s deal because now Jordan and the US together can attack Iran’s militias or increase border security.

Why Iran Buys Russian S400 Amid War between Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, US, Israel, and Syria?

It does not seem to everyone that the US and Jordan together will attack Iran’s interests in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. But instead of the US, action can be taken against Iranian Militias by Jordan’s Army and Government because if the US attacks Iran again through Jordan then in the future Iran’s attacks can also be on Jordan. At the same time, the US government is spending a lot of effort on ‘Texas State’, as it has done in Iran and the Middle East, but the US has not yet decided whether to attack Iran or support Israel. So it seems to me that the US and Jordanian armies together can act on Iran’s interests in Syria or Iraq because Iran is also activating its army or defense. It is possible that if Jordan buys Patriot air defense systems from it, then Iran can also buy S-400 and HQ-9 (Hong Qi 9) from Russia and China. So, if the Jordanian government takes action against Iranianbacked militias in Syria and Iraq, then Iranian-backed militias or militant groups can again retaliate against Jordan. By the way, if Iran and Russia make a deal regarding the S-400, then Iran can save its country from future retaliation from Jordan or the US Army.

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