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Iran buys huge Uranium from Niger and African Union in 2024, Africa’s Oil price surge : Iran-Israel War

Why African countries reduce Uranium, Energy, and Petroleum oil prices will skyrocket in 2024?, Iran-Israel War, US and France’s failure in Africa becoming beneficial for Iran and Russia. NATO Vs US VS iran in Africa.


Currently, there has been a huge growth in the relationship between Iran and Niger in which the largest trade ties are in Uranium and Nuclear based energy. Due to this, not only Iran’s relations will be strengthened in the Middle East but it will also have good relations with North East Africa and North West African countries. Iran’s relations with Niger and African Union countries are not only a challenge for France, UK and US but also the biggest failure of France and the European Union. So in such a situation, the recent withdrawal of the French Army from the African Sea is a reason for one-sided Africa’s countermeasures. So, now Iran and Russia together are going to dominate Africa in their economic, financial, energy, and defense sectors. Currently, Iran has imported Billions of USD worth of Uranium, Energy, and Petroleum oils from Niger, which will make it very difficult for France and the US to gain first entry into African countries in the future. Because from now on other African anti-France, anti-US, and anti-NATO leadership is running. Because currently Europe and the US have imposed a ban on uranium sales to Iran, Russia, North Korea, and China, now the African Union has huge opportunities for Iran.

Why African countries reduce Uranium, Energy, and Petroleum oil prices will skyrocket in 2024?

Right now, after Iran, we want to take a huge opportunity in the Middle East by strengthening our relations with Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar as well as Niger, Africa, and Europe. So now this is the war situation Israel is in. Iran achieved a lot in the Gaza war which was relations with Russia and China and getting Hamas and Hezbollah to attack Israel. Due to the war between Israel and Gaza, Iran is now making deals and joining hands with those countries that are anti-US and anti-NATO. Due to this Iran’s foreign policy, trade, deals, and defense sectors are working in coordination with each other so that the country can end its dependency on the US and Europe in the future. Due to this now Iran is strengthening its relations with many African, South American, and Middle East countries to a great extent, due to which Israel and the US may lose dominance in the future. The recent withdrawal of French troops from Niger and the African continent will bring Iran and Russia closer to Africa. Europe will not be able to control energy, uranium, and gold presence in the future. So in such a situation, the process of uranium will also increase by 20x.

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