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Iran and NATO Sending Huge Troops and Warships in Red Sea to Protect Ships & Iranian retaliation : War In Yemen

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Currently, another war front is opening between RussiaUkraine, IsraelGaza, HezbollahIsrael, and now Houthi in Yemen in which Iran, US, UK, and NATO forces have taken action against Houthi and Iran. While earlier Operation Prosperity Guardians had failed, now in the face of growing threats from Europe and the US, NATO, Iran, and the US forces can face the Houthi or Yemeni forces in the Red Sea. So US, European, and Iranian warships are now directly in competition with each other. because of Houthi’s increasing power and targeting Israeli, European, and American vessels. Although in this war no one is openly declaring war on any other country, now the proxy war can be imposed on Houthi or Yemen by the US, Europe, and Iran and there are chances of Israel also joining. If the Ukrainian Army joins the Red Sea, it can directly target Russian vessels.

Iran and US sending troops, War in Yemen between US, Europe, NATO, and Iran?

Currently, till 31st December 2023, the US has taken huge action against Houthi where 10+ Houthis were killed and even more extreme actions can be taken against Houthi by the US side. Recently, Iran has sent its largest Iris ‘Alborz’ warship which will carry out further Iranian-Houthi military actions against the Houthis and Europe. However, Chinese, Russian, and Iranian Vessels are also present there which are openly supported by Houthi and Yemen but Houthi, Iran, and Russia can pose a huge threat to US, Israeli, and European vessels. And here Russia, China, and Iran can directly fight with the US and Europe because each country takes action against the other’s warship or Houthi in which many soldiers and armed weapons can also be lost. Similarly, Iranian vessels from the US, Russian vessels from Europe, and Chinese vessels from the US diverted their ships from the Red Sea and Arabian Sea to protect each other from Houthi and Israeli forces. Due to the presence of presence in IranRussia Red Sea, the US and Europe will not attack any other country’s vessels but Iranian vessels can be targeted by the US and Israel because, from Iran’s point of view, Houthi have advanced. There are weapons and armed boats backed by Iran.

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