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Iran and Maldives trade, Rufiyaa Currency, investment, and Defense are rising amid Israel Gaza War

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After the recent death of Iran’s President in a plane crash, tensions between Israel and Iran may increase again. Due to this, growth has been seen in trade, exports, and imports between Iran and Maldives. It is being said that in the coming few months, trade, economic ties and defense ties can also rise between Iran and Maldives due to Mohamed Muizzu. Recently it has been reported that from 1995 to 2022, Iran’s imports into Maldives have increased by about 25%. Recently, due to the President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi, relations with Maldives have seen a growth of about 10% after 2022. And it is possible that in the future, Iran, Russia, and China will play a much bigger role in the Maldives. due to which many types of defense, financial, economic, and military cooperation and maintaining security will come in the future and there will be even greater interest. But for now, it is being said that the maximum trade between Iran and Maldives is now in goods, financial, tourism, fruits, and food. But now Maldives can also make a big corridor partnership in a few years because if China and East Asia or Middle Eastern countries come forward then they can build good relations with Maldives.

Why are Iran, Russia, and China investing, interests in Maldives, Why Foreign Direct Investment in Maldivian Rufiyaa?

Way to Maldives can play a big role in island tourism, maritime security, and proxy war, but at present, due to the tough competition between India and China. in Maldives, this time the President of Maldives can play a big role in Iran, Russia, and China. But now agreements can be made for the Maldives African Union, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Singapore, Indonesia, and other major corridors of the South China Sea so that East or South Asian Countries will not make any difference in the Middle East war. Those interests to China, Russia, and Iran can include the British Indian Ocean Territory, Seychelles, and all the islands in the Indian Ocean in their interest via the Maldives. You must have learned that islands located in the Indian Ocean and African Continents like the Maldives do not have any special importance but these islands are very important for the US, Europe, Russia, and China. Because of the US, China, Russia, and Iran, if there is a war between Taiwan, the South China Sea, and African countries, these islands are very important to the other countries. These islands can prove to be very important for India, Iran, China, and regional security. Maldivian Rufiyaa is one of the best currencies in Asia but currently due to the increasing dominance of India and China, now Maldives is searching for economic partners, developing funds, and tourism attraction. The currency of Maldives is 5x ahead of India, 10x ahead of Pakistan, and 4x ahead of Afghanistan.

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