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iPhone 14 pro price falling rapidly amid the launch of iPhone 15 in 2024, China’s Huawei is Destroying Apple or iPhones?

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iPhone 15 pro and iPhone 15 series of iPhones are going to surge once against their prices after China suspended the use of Apple Phones or American mobiles in China. The import of Apple Phones from the USA, and China may stop the iPhone deal across the Country. iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 pro max phones are still the most expensive in South Asia countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philipines, Taiwan, Singapore, North Korea, Japan, and Malaysia. The Chinese Huawei phones are most cheapest for the top Chinese Alliance countries to import the highest quantity than iPhone of United States.

China’s Huawei and China’s government is Destroying Apple or iPhones?

iPhone 15 and the next iPhone’s upcoming models are coming every year with new features and Apple Corporation looking to stabilize the Stocks and share the Market value of Apple to develop new things and instantly offering the sells in the global market. China just pushed Apple Back in the use of Apple Phones in Asia, Because China is Apple’s first top customer in the import of large quantities of Apple and also manufacturing the physical development of iPhones and Apple products. China’s smartphone companies like Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo, Lenovo, Coolpad and Oneplus is making everything smart and new features to compete with Apple company to boycott Apple in China.

Best smartphone brand in the world than Apple.

China’s smartphone companies are selling the most expensive phones in the country and exporting large supply chains to the world’s top countries like the US, UK, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Africa, and South America. Apple is the most expensive because of largest investments of Stockholders and share market and Chinese investors and traders or securities are believe Huawei has most smartest technology in Securities to use anywhere to stay away from Spy of any country. By the way, China’s world’s top Apple product manufacturing factories and the Chinese Government banned Apple from using Government persons and VIP people but civilians can use Apple.

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