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India’s Economy and Stocks at Risk Amid Truck Driver’s Protest, What Is HitAndRun Law?, India’s Inflation Rate : Hit and Run Law India

Stock Market Crash in India, HitAndRun Law, Truck Driver new rules, Truck Driver’s Protest, Inflations in India, Why India’s inflation rate and unemployment will surge in transportation sectors?.


Currently, under the Indian Law against Truck and Motorcycle Drivers in India, the people of India who are driving and doing labor, are now taking big action against the Government. For now, there is a threat to India’s top transports, vehicles, food, and good services on 3rd Jan 2024, which will take a huge hit to India’s other economic, trades, goods, and services. Currently, the threat of inflation is looming large in India as the prices of items like milk, fruits, vegetables, and regular commodities are increasing. In which the poor truck 4 wheelers and all the drivers of India are going to protest now, in Petrol, Diesel, and Energy prices may also fall for a few days and there is a possibility of price increase for the daily decreasing prices. It is possible for the government to impose this bill in other ways in India, it is possible to impose Article 144, the rest of the government has decided, we will see in the coming time.

Why India’s inflation rate and unemployment will surge in transportation sectors.?

Apart from this, due to the HitAndRun law, the Indian Government has the power to make many changes. Because the HitAndRun bill has just been made, the government of India is now able to ease the HitAndRun due to the hearing of the people and transport sectors. The law states that, Indian drivers who flee the scene of a road accident without informing the police could face up to 10 years in jail and a fine of ₹7 lahks and may be high amid the conditions of injury or serious conditions of victim. Hit and run motor accident has been made or modified for the frequent accidents, death, accidents happening on highway or city in India. so that no one without a vehicle can suddenly hit and run away by causing an accident and if he runs away then he will have to pay 7 Lacs INR (almost 8401.90 USD) and 10 yars jailed. Well, along with this rule, we can also focus on insurance, license, Speed Limit, ID cards and other important things.

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