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Indian PM may Visit Russia, Iran, and Israel after being re-elected in Lok Sabha 2024

Why is Modi Visiting Iran, Israel, and Russia after being Elected in the Third Term?, Lok Sabha Election 2024, Israel Vs Iran, Russia vs NATO in 2024.


Recently, some rumors are going on that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi can now visit Russia, Iran, and Israel on his first foreign visit in the future. And this will be the first visit of the war between Russia and Ukraine where Narendra Modi is now going to visit Russia due to the proxy war going on between NATO and Russia. Earlier, Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan had visited Russia when the UkraineRussia war was at its peak. But now the world will keep an eye on this first visit of Narendra Modi to Russia where NATO, Pakistan, and China are also watching the Indian foreign policy. On the other hand, Indian Prime Minister Narendra can visit ahead and visit Iran and Israel also. But after another few months, a big war exercise is going to happen between NATO, QUAD, and India which can spoil India’s relations with Russia, China, and BRICS in the future. So now Narendra Modi has become the third PM of India, who is now working on the neutral foreign policy of his country in the rest of the world so that in the future he can strengthen his relations with the US, NATO, Russia, China, and Pakistan. Because recently, India’s foreign policy faced a lot of problems in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Maldives, and the Indian Ocean.

Why is Modi Visiting Iran, Israel, and Russia after being Elected in the Third Term?

Currently, due to ongoing Ukraine, Israel, and international conflicts, it has become very complicated to maintain India’s foreign policy, hence now India can lose many of its friendly countries in the face of NATO and Israel. Such as Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, China, and BRICS countries which were going to be very important for India in the future. So, it is being said that if there is a war between NATO and Russia in the future, then India will suffer the most political loss. The political benefits are reaching China and the US. But India is also taking important steps for trade with Israel, corridor/ports with Iran, and oil and energy deals with Russia. And currently, Russia has almost suspended the Indian currency due to which it is being said that there can be a lot of low Interest in importing oil from Russia to India. So now India wants to remain mostly neutral which means NATO does Military exercises with India then in the future, Iran, Russia, and India can also do BRICS Military Exercises. But now it seems quite difficult for India to take sides with Russia and US allies. Therefore, now India is expanding its relations with NATO, BRICS, and G20 countries.

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