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Indian financial budget 2024 will Impact the Rupees and Indian Banking Stocks : Budget 2024

Why Indian Stocks, Rupees, Bank NIFTY, NIFTY50 falls amid Union budget of India 2024?, India GDP, Debt India, Loksabha Election, Why Indian Stock Market crash amid the Union budget of India 2024?, Impact the Rupees and Indian Banking Stocks.


Currently, there is a lot of news regarding Indian Stock, Forex, and global Indian investment. in which most of the Indian stock market investors believe that due to the Indian Budget 2024, there is a possibility of a huge decline in Indian Stock, NIFTY, and Banking Stock. Currently, the Indian Stock market has created the Hong Kong Stock Market and the Biggest large cap, which seems to be a problem in the future. Due to some Internal or External losses in the Indian Stock market, Indian Stock, Bank NIFTY, NIFTY50, and all the stocks will fall. In the last 4 years, there has been growth in selected stocks, Sensex, NIFTY 50, and the gold market of the Indian Stock market due to which it seems that even a single negative option of the Indian Government can pose a threat to the Indian stock market. Currently, we are seeing a continuous decline in Manufacturing, Pharma, mineral, metal, paper, tire, salt, textile, food products, and fertilizer, which seems to be the reason why the investment of top Indian companies in the Indian stock market is going on technology, Exports, insurance, finance, and Refined petroleum. No significant growth was seen for Exporting, Foreign Business, and small companies.

Why Indian Stock Market crash amid the Union budget of India 2024?

Indian Stock market crash amid Union budget of India in 2024. In India, only Investment Stocks, Manufacturing, development, and technology are replaced by NIFTY, Foreign Forex, Bank NIFTY, and top companies. Indian Stock Market can be stable or profitable till the 2024 Loksabha election but there are 75% chance of the Indian Stock Market falling in the future because Indian top Intraday and long-term Stock traders believe that it will fall in the future. In just a few months there will have been a huge decline in Indian Stocks. Because if a full majority government is not formed in the Indian Lok Sabha elections and the foreign debt increases then the Indian Government may be forced to think negatively about the Indian Stock Market. Because there may be some problems regarding the Indian Government’s currency RUPEES, foreign forex reserves, interests, and forex. As of now, India’s foreign debt is around $800b+ which can be the biggest failure for Indian stocks in the future and the Indian government will force Rupees instead of Stocks to use Indian Rupees globally. Recently, we have seen that the Indian Government, Treasury, Bank Nifty, Selected Stocks, Sensex, and Nifty 50 have increased. In the future, other Major Developments will take place in Indian Democracy which can be due to Elections, Leadership, and the Indian Alliance. For now, do not want to focus on Indian Government Stocks, NIFTY50, and Sensex, but after the government is established in the future, Indian Stocks. Where Indian SENSEX, NIFTY50, BANK NIFTY, or selected stocks will be falling.

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