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Indian Army Ready to Counter the Regional Terrorist Attacks of Jammu and Kashmir : JK News

Pakistan India War, Who Is Behind the Jammu Kashmir Terrorist Attack?, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, BJP Vs JKNC, Reasi, Doda and Kathua Terrorist Attacks 2024.


Currently, due to the recent terrorist attacks in the Western parts of Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian Army, Indian Government, and Local Police Forces are now fully prepared to respond to the terrorist attacks. Currently, Pakistani and local terrorist groups of PoK have been continuously launching attacks on the Army and Indian Civilians since last week, due to which Indian Forces are now capable of carrying out any kind of attack. But now it is believed that the Indian Airforce, Rashtriya Rifles, and Jammu Kashmir Police forces have finally killed 1 terrorist through their search operation. In the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, there are continuous terrorist attacks going on in Reasi, Doda, and Kathua which are raising many questions about the integrity of Indian Politics, Civilians, and the Army. Now it is believed that in the future the Indian Government and Indian Leader Narendra Modi can take a long search operation, counterattack, and steps for the security of civilians to attack the terrorists. Although there is a BJP and Janata government in Jammu and Kashmir, due to the recent attacks, the Central Government is now under pressure from the Indian Citizens.

Who Is Behind the Jammu Kashmir Terrorist Attack?

As for Kashmir Tigers, the local terrorist groups of Kashmir are currently responsible for these attacks but in the coming time, the Indian Army has the power to carry out a major operation. And if terrorist attacks continue like this then the Indian Army may have to start a ground operation, which also includes LoC, PoK, and Western Kashmir. The Pakistani and Indian side’s army has said that may be behind all this is the hand of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front which is demanding an independent Jammu and Kashmir. Now terrorist activities are also increasing continuously in Jammu and Kashmir where Indian Civilians, Armed Forces, and Police forces are being attacked continuously. It is possible that in the coming times, we may get to see another big war in Jammu and Kashmir where International Proxies, Pak Army, Indian Army, and Chinese Armed groups may also enter. Although the Indian Army is also carrying out operations against the terrorists, a situation like a long war would be quite complicated.

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