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Indian and Pakistani Commandos conduct Operations in the Arabian Sea against Houthi, Somali Pirates: Iran News

Indian and Pakistani commando operation in Arabian Sea, red Sea and Gulf Of Aden, Indian MARCOS and Pakistani SSG will conduct Operations against Houthi and Somali Pirates, iran Vs India in Arabian Sea. iranian Proxy in Somalia.


Recently Indian Marcos (Marines Commandos) conducted the 2nd operation in another 24 hours in the Arabian Sea which is against Pakistani and Indian Marines and Nationals against Somali Pirates. Recently, after Houthi, Somali pirates have now become enemies of Pakistan, India, US, and Israeli-backed ships and marine in the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden. In a 2nd major Mission, the Indian Navy Warship INS Sumitra carried out an Operation to rescue a Hijacked fishing vessel Al Naemi with armed Pirates 800 miles in the Arabian Sea. MARCOS of Navy took part in Ops & safely rescued crew & Ship. And now it seems that after this action of Marcos Commandos of India, more types of operations can be done between Somalia and India and Pakistanis because many media of the world believe that Somali Pirates are Iranian backed and it can happen again to Iran. With better defense, Iranian-backed proxies can be sent into the Arabian Sea.

Why Indian MARCOS and Pakistani SSG will conduct Operations against Houthi and Somali Pirates?

Currently, Somali Pirates have become a huge threat to Indian, American, Pakistani, American, and Israeli vessels, fishermen, and nationals, which is a huge threat to Global Trade and the Economy. Now it seems that even Somali and Houthi can join the Iranian Backed Proxy Army which is the biggest threat to Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, India, and Indo-Pacific countries. Recently, the government of Somalia has openly said that in the future they can support Iran because Somali Pirates, Somali Army, or Proxy groups can get a lot of support from Iran in the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and Gulf of Aden. And in the future, if Pakistan’s other elections are over then in the future Pakistan and Indian marines can run operations against Somali or African Pirates Groups in which India and Pakistan will benefit. Recently, All that to know that Indian Navy Commandos whose name is MARCOS have recently saved the lives of Pakistani Nationals from Somali Fisher Pirates. However, there is no special operation of Pakistani SSG Commando in the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, or Red Sea but in the future, Pakistan’s SSG Commando may strengthen its ties with US, Indian, and Israeli marines.

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