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India sends Navy to Arabian and Indian Oceans to protect Ships from Houthi : India Vs Iran

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Currently, it seems like the entry of Hezbollah, Houthi, Hamas, and Iran inside Yemen, which seems to be a possibility in the future. India and Pakistani armies can also come forward, which seems to be a possibility in the future between India, Pakistan, and Iran. By the way, Hamas being in Gaza and disrupting the Israeli army is now like bringing together Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and Houthi. Currently, the Yemen Armed Forces have given permission to China and Russia to do as much trade as they want because Houthi, Iran, and Yemen believe that Russia and China are considered top partners for them. Besides, China and Russia are also anti-America so it is believed that in the future Yemen will target all those shops that do business with US, Israeli, and European companies. Recently, there has been no chance of a direct war between Iran and India because now it seems that in the future due to Houthi and Yemen, there may be a war between India and Iran.

Why India Vs Iran war will happen in the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean?

However, there is no chance of war between India and Iran, but after the actions of Houthi and Yemen, India can also join hands with the US and UK, which will give it a chance to come closer to Pakistan, China, and Iran. In this situation, UAE and Saudi Arabia will not come to support India, the Middle East, or Saudi Arabia and neither will Iran and Afghanistan. India will join hands with the US in this war because this war can also happen between India, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, Israel, and Afghanistan. So it also happens that in the future, after Jammu Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh, a new front may open for India which may prove difficult for India in dealing with Houthi and Yemen. Recently, due to increasing economic and political support from Manipur, Myanmar border, and China, it seems that China can surround India from all sides. And if any army takes action against the Indian Red Sea and Houthi, then perhaps it will become more worthwhile for Pakistan and China to support Yemen. Recently, India sent several naval ships for protection in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea.

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