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India Sending Huge Aid to Maldives Amid India’s Boycott, $1 Billion USD to Maldives 2024 : India Maldives

India Maldives relations, Why is India Still Sending Aid to Maldives amid India’s huge boycott and Maldives anti-India Policy?, India Investing in Maldives, India’s huge Defense, health, Business, Education and infrastructure aid.


Currently, the relations between India and Maldives are continuously deteriorating due to the face of China and Mohammed Muizzu, and the top celebrities of Indians, tourists, and businesses have also turned away from Maldives due to which the economy of Maldives has been hit the hardest. On all accounts, it is now believed that India has given approximately Rs 600 Crores ($72M+) to the Maldives in its Budget 2024 for defense, education, healthcare, and infrastructure. Every year in its next budget, India gives Defence, Health Care, Education, and Development aid to Maldives, Bangladesh and to keep external affairs stable this year also India has given aid to Maldives in the Union Budget of 2024. Apart from the politics of all thought to India and Maldives, there is a lot of good business and trade among the common people but due to Mohammed Muizzu being ProChinese, everyone feels that Indian military bases, businesses, and companies can be withdrawn from Maldives until March 2024.

Why is India Still Sending Aid to Maldives amid India’s huge boycott and Maldives anti-India Policy?

India has recently given help to Maldives and there is the responsibility of a UnionBudget or Union Government to strengthen the relationship between Maldives and India against China and anti-Indian politics. Because recently the people of Maldives believe that as important a country as India is for Maldives, China cannot do that much because the economy of Maldives has got the biggest boost from India. India has always been helping the Maldives and now also the Maldives needed Indian support to counter China in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, the Laccadive Sea, and the Arabian Sea. Because the Indian Government believes that China is strengthening the relationship with Pakistan’s Gwadar, POK’s CPEC, Bangladesh, and Myanmar day by day and hence I feel that Maldives can be the best option for China in the future. Although Indian politics and Maldives politics do not get along, even today both countries need each other for economy, geography, and defense. India has more than 30% investment in all economic, defense, health, and infrastructure sectors of Maldives, there is economic resistance, but if India gives up Maldives, then India’s foreign policy towards South Asia will be double affected. However, even after the complete boycott by India, Maldives is still very important to India for investment and Aid Cooperation. Today every foreign relations, external, and internal opinion believes that India’s hold on the neighboring countries is becoming weak.

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