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India selling Hermes-900 UAV to Israel, Gaza war, Iran War, India-US MQ-9B Drone : Middle East War

India exports weapons to Israel, India planning to sell Hermes-900 UAV drones to Israel and the US, 31 MQ-9B armed drones deal of India and the US?, Iran Vs India in Arm Exports, Adani aerospaces, Elbit Hermes 900 drones, make in India Drones.


Currently, a big deal is going on between the US, Israel, and India on UAV drones in which India’s top Adani Defense & Aerospace is sending Hermes-900 UAV drones to Israel. As of now, Hermes-900 UAV (Elbit Hermes 900) is considered to be one of the world’s best and top advanced Drone and the world’s best mediumsize, multipayload, mediumaltitude long-endurance and aerial vehicle. Because in the current situation, the US coming closer to Israel against Iran in the Middle East and providing investments, defense, and financial aid in the future it will be easier for Israel to buy weapons, defense, and Aerial Drones from countries around the world. Sending Hermes-900 UAV to Israel is like finalizing the 31 MQ-9B drone deal between India and the US as currently US and Israel are in trouble in the Middle East due to Iran, Gaza, Houthi, Hezbollah and Proxy militias, and so on. If India helps Israel and the US in exporting Elbit Hermes 900 then more defense deals can be done between India and US in the future. Although the Hermes-900 UAV is considered an Israeli drone, for now, India is Israel’s biggest drone manufacturing partner. aur Adani aerospace company exports Israeli Hermes-900 UAV to israel amid Gaza, Lebanon, and Middle East war.

Why is India planning to sell Hermes-900 UAV drones to Israel and the US, MQ-9B armed drones deal of India and the US?

Hermes-900 a product of Israel Elbit is being made here locally by Adani, and Indian Aerospace companies. However, due to Khalistani matters and Israel not getting support from India, India can now cancel the deal on 31 MQ-9B armed drones. But now if India sells Drones, Armed Equipments and Aerospace arms to Israel then the US and Israel can together approve India’s 31 MQ-9B armed drones deals. Similarly, Iran has the equipment to shoot down all the drones of the US and Israel, but if the US and Israel purchase the cheapest and best Hermes-900 UAV from India, then China and Russia can give more strategic weapons to Iran and Gaza. However, Pakistan, Gaza, Iran, China, and Russia do not have much to do with this deal with India, Israel, and the US because currently it is believed that Pakistan has sold most of the artillery shells to Israel. The US has always wanted that if any country has sold arms to Israel, Ukraine, and NATO countries then it will approve the arms deal of those countries but if that country has sold strategic weapons to Iran, Russia, and China then the US will impose sanctions on them.

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