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India May Sell Weapons, Machinery in Rupee to Russia amid War in Ukraine : G20 vs BRICS

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Recently, relations between India and Russia have increased even more due to the Ukraine War. Recently, Russia had almost reduced its relations with China in Indian Rupee and trade, economy, and defense ties with India because Russia felt that India would be the one to host NATO exercises in the near future. Due to this, it is being said that if India hosts military exercises for NATO in its country then it could be a big threat to Russia’s dominance in East Asia. So now India’s PM Narendra Modi is on a visit to Russia, which will bring huge opportunities for Russia, BRICS, the Economy, the Rupee, Trade, and Defense. But now on the other hand, due to the Chinese Army present in Belarus, there will be no special talks between India and Russia.

Why is China Supporting Russia in Defense, Currency, Finance, and Economy?

Because ever since the UkraineRussia war started, China has been helping Russia in every way like Oil Selling, Economy, Financial, and Defense. But India has failed to help Russia because of NATO, the US, and Europe. So now India’s issue has been resolved and Russia’s visit can now bring Russia-India together in the future. Here if China helps Russia then China can also get its benefits in Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh, Taiwan, and the South China Sea in the next few years. Because China will not be able to lose Russia even if it wants to because for the first time, China and Russia are standing together against the US and NATO which will benefit China.

Will India now be able to support Russia with weapons, trade, and economy? Why Russia Captured Indian Workers?

However, it is quite complicated for India to directly support Russia with weapons, trade, and currency. But now Russia also needs India, due to which Russia is also supporting India by exporting oil and importing Weapons from India. Due to this, India and Russia can open defense, economy, and financial services with each other due to the BRICS tie. On the other hand, Russian Crude, Gas, and Petroleum are very important for India’s GDP and Companies because Russia is the only country that is exporting its goods at a 50% discount to India. Because if India follows that path and NATO, then it will not be able to maintain its relations with Russia and BRICS. So in such a situation, now India will not be able to follow NATO rules to maintain friendship with Russia. Because the demand for Russian oil from the US and Europe is increasing. So, now there is an opportunity for India to provide all possible help to Russia due to the US election. Actually, Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia this time is to release All Indians Working in the Russian Army.

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