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Imran Khan top greatest cricketer or Politician in the world? : Why Imran Khan for Pakistan?

Pakistan won Final World Cup of Cricket, Imran khan is popular face of Pakistan, Imaran Khan Vs Politics and Cricket career, Why UK, Australia, EU, and Asian countries support Imran Khan?, Pakistani Political Party, Pakistani, British, Australian & Indian cricket players. Englang Vs Pakistan Cricket Match.


Many Cricket matches have been played Between Pakistan and India in history in the UK, UAE, Australia, and Sri Lanka. The world’s greatest Cricket player with the world with the best enthusiasm in the world from Pakistani, British, Australian & Indian cricket players, Pakistani Cricket player Imran Khan turned into politics after their retirement from the Cricket world. Imran Khan is the world’s top Cricket Player or Bolwers & Batting who has done their best performance in past years in the UK from the Pakistani team. Imran Khan first cricket player who joined the Pakistani Political Party and Won the election once and now Imran Khan & Pakistan’s Political crisis is surging day by day between the Army, Imran Khan, and the Sharif government.

Why Imran Khan for Pakistan, Why do Civilians support the Imran Khan?

In the Eyes of the EU, Middle East, and North American countries, Imran Khan is the most powerful ex-PM of Pakistan who has a large scale of political support from their voters who claim Imran Khan can become Pakistan’s next PM but the Election of Pakistan postponed for some time due to the Internal political issues. Imran Khan supports the people, Democracy, and strong foreign policy to attract global investing, developments, trade, and economic ties to forward the Pakistani economy with other countries.

Why UK, Australia, EU, and Asian countries support Imran Khan?

Imran Khan retired permanently from his last Final World Cup Cricket match in 1992 against England and Pakistan won by 22 runs in the history of Cricket Matches. That Cricket match was played in Melbourne Australia to beat England. Imran Khan is most popular face of Pakistan from many years in their Cricket Career and all the Democratic countries always have a heart for Imran Khan who was the world’s top Cricket Player.

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