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Hungary & Turkey blocked Sweden from joining NATO, Quran Burning, Finland, Norway new bids

Quran Burning in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Top EU countries bidding for the NATO membership, Turkey & Hungart blocked Sweden and Finland. France in Africa, German in Africa, NATO vs BRICS, Russia Vs Europe, Putin, Sweden Quran Burning, Kurdish fighter.


A top NATO country in the list of top forces, military, and Geo political countries blocked Sweden & Finland to get accession to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) memberships. BREAKING news is coming from Hungary which is a first country to block Sweden to have a NATO membership to avoid the next war with Russia in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the North of European part to keep the other countries. Hurgary have a best relationships with Russia, Belarus, Turkey & other EU countrise to keep away from next war in Sweden, it may take time to have a NATO membership in hand of Sweden but durin thr war in UkraineRussia its more complicated step to take before understand the geographic effects on the northen side of Europe.

Turkey has blocked the all the bid of Sweden to have NATO membership because of Nordic country harbors Kurdish separatists in the name of Human rights and Kurdish is biggest enemy of Turkiye in the countries between Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey. The EU Turkish-friendly country Hungary are also blocked Sweden in the NATO bid to have taken time or completely blocked to have a NATO membership with Sweden. Turkey and Hungary thought this new bid in NATO may begin a new war in between NATO, Kurdish, Sweden and Iraq or Syria.

Sweden, Finland, and Norway already have a clear warning from Russia about joining NATO. Top countries in NATO are still not prepared to add more Russian neighborhood countries in NATO to Don’t want to give birth to a new fight with Russia including Ukraine and Sweden. Turkey Blamed Sweden, Norway, and Finland for Quran Burning and the Human rights of their people or religion.

EU countries are still worried about France, Germans failed their Strategy in Africa and they can’t take a new risk to let them be destroyed by the Russian Army in the North Of European parts. USA, France, UK, Trukey and top countries of NATO are still helping Ukraine to get defeated yourself from Russia.

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