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Huge number of British Troops Deployed in Poland and Hungary amid Russia-Ukraine War : NATO Vs Russia

UK Send troops to Easter Europe amid Yemen, Russia-Ukraine, Iran and Gaza Conflict. Why are the British Soldiers deployed near the Russian border?, NATO Vs Russia in Eastern Europe.


Recently, after the UK sent troops to Yemen, the British Army has also started deploying 20,000 British troops to the Eastern European countries. Now the UK Army has also decided that British Troops in Eastern European countries like Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Romania, Moldova, and Bulgaria which can cause big trouble for Russia. They have also confirmed to Britain that they have deployed British troops to Eastern European countries so that they can conduct defense exercises in the future. Some countries believe that this step of the UK to ask Russia for Drills, Defense, and Exercise is no more than other challenges to Russia but it is possible that in the future Eastern European countries can also do joint exercises.

Why are the British Soldiers deployed near the Russian border?

However, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Romania, Moldova, and Bulgaria are mostly NATO countries that Russia seems to have military exercises in the future together with all NATO countries like the British Army. But this Exercise will not cause any harm to any country because it is not a Military preparation but it is possible that all NATO countries together will do Military exercises with the UK. However, there are many positive points from the UK’s military excursions like Yemen, Red Sea, Israel, and Ukraine but till now the UK army and political party have not announced that they are not provoking any country. This large deployment of British soldiers to the UK raises a lot of questions because as of now there is war, political, and economic crisis going on in almost all the countries of the world and at this time the large deployment of British troops in Eastern European may make some defense aim. And also Russia, Yemen, Iran, Israel, Gaza, and Lebanon are also eyeing this big deployment of British Troops near Russia.

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