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How will the Israel-Hamas war stop? is Netanyahu resign?: Ceasefire in Gaza

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Many countries and the Middle East, Israel, and Netanyahu think that this war will not end soon, no one knows what is its goal. In this war, the Opposition, Hamas, Iran, and Hezbollah have always been using it in their own way, but in all of them Israel’s force has been able to succeed or create a big problem for Hamas, but in a long war, it has always failed to defeat their country. Because now the whole world may condemn Israel’s actions in Gaza, but if Israel occupied the West Bank, this would be the biggest mistake for Israel. Because Israel’s real objective is not Gaza but the West Bank, because Gaza is a small support for Hamas and its civilians but the real fight is the West Bank. This has already been backed by the entry of America and Iran because Hamas is taking Iranian, Russian, and technology weapons and Israel is taking weapons from America.

Why is Israel Bombing Gaza rather than the West Bank?

Because if Israel has to occupy it then it should occupy the West Bank because the option of uniting Israel can be created, and whatever action Israel takes in Gaza can also be political. There can be many reasons for America to support Israel such as China’s corridor in the Whole Middle East, access to Syria-Iraq, Iran’s dominance, and stopping world trade from Lebanon. If Israel is waging war in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and any Iranianbacked countries, then only a few countries in the Middle East can support it, but it is putting its full force on Gaza, which means that Iran will attack Israel. By bombing Gaza, the people of Israel are feeling proud that they are taking action against terrorism but they do not know that the real enemy is hiding in Golan Heights, South Lebanon, and Egypt. What we mean is that the way Israel has been trapped, its neighboring countries will be supporting important politically because no one would want people to die. Even though there is no open enmity between Hezbollah, Egypt, Syria, Israel, and Jordan, behind the scenes they are all trying to trap each other. Secondly, if Netanyahu resigns, this can also be a good way to stop the war, in which the seats will go to one party but millions of lives will be saved in Israel and Gaza.

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