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How Vivek Ramaswamy become President of USA of the republican party of the United States, Will Trump win?

Who win USA election 2024?, Trump will win 2024, Indian Vivek Ramaswamy to become US president In 2024, democratic party vs Vivek Ramaswamy. Top states of US to win elections 2024, California, Texas and New York to vote for Vivek Ramaswamy?, Trump can win? Election 2024, Obama vs Vivek Ramaswamy. Republican Candidate Vs Democratic candidate of 2024.


The Biggest competitor in the United States election of 2024 is increasing the interest of new American-Indian candidates in the US. Vivek Ramaswamy is America’s top face of politicians & one of the top businessmen in the United States who was born in Ohio, United States. Vivek Ramaswamy is the most popular candidate in opposition to Biden, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr who is the new candidate of the Democratic party. Vivek Ramaswamy is indian businessman who has complete citizenship of the United States and their family is mostly belongs to America and India.

New Indian Face of Republican Party of Election 2024 in USA.

The Candidate of the Republican Party is going to make their own personalities, and popularity in Trump’s republican party to support new financial system of the United States and make more ties with each country of the world to increase the development of America with top countries. In the US election, the new candidates will win their State-level elections like Ohio & California where the Democratic Party and Republican party make a candidate helps to increase the value of Donald Trump.

How to Vivek Ramaswamy Should beat the Democratic Party in Election 2024?

California & New York is the most popular Democratic State in the United States where the Democratic Party always won a large number of seats in past elections. In Wyoming, Oklahoma, West Virginia & Alabama are the top states for the election of the United States but the top states always vote for the Democratic Party. Vivek Ramaswamy Should focus on increasing the voices for the Texas State USA, where the Republican party can win from most number of votes in 2024. Including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Tennesee, and New York to win up to 55% vote of Indian and American white populations.

Robert F. Kennedy is targeting the institutions and investors to make the Democratic Party powerful again in the election of 2024.

Vivek Ramaswamy or Donald Trump can can not beat the Democratic party because Robert F. Kennedy Jr the new US democratic party candidate from Washington DC is making new ideas about Crypto and Freedom for investors and top securities. Robert F. Kennedy targeted the new generation and institutions populations to make new ideas about Election Winning and giving new freedom to the population of the USA. Most of the Institutions are looking for the top candidate who promotes financial-related opportunities to American citizens.

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