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How Iran preparing for war with israel amid US Military in Middle East, THAAD Defense System: Israel-Gaza War

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Recently, Iran has demonstrated its Integrated Air Defense System (IADS) in which it has been claimed that Iran can now intercept even America’s top Tomahawk missile. This Defense Drill happened when Iran’s Defense System, Air Force, and Radar told that now if there was a war between Iran, Israel, and the US, Iran would have enough power to intercept the top missiles of the US. By the way, to Tomahawk missile is America’s top Land Attack Missile and longrange missile which is used in many cases and can also bypass the enemy’s defense system but now Iran is claiming that Iran’s new defense system is US. And has been successful in intercepting European long-range missiles. This claim of Iran is very important for American missiles and is also a problem for Western countries because Iran has been continuously destroying Israel by Proxies during the Gaza War and it is believed that Iran plans to withdraw US Troops from the Middle East.

Why US Fear Iran’s New air defense exercises against US missiles?

Recently, Iran has conducted air defense exercises, showing how it will intercept US Tomahawk missiles which would be more troublemaker for US presence in the Middle East, especially Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Especially the US has long-range missiles that can attack up to 2000+ km, but like Russia, now Iran is also trying to intercept all the defense and army equipment of the US. It is possible that in the future, Iran will also be planning more for America’s biggest THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) Defense System because as Iran is making achievements in Defense and Missiles day by day, it seems that there will be a war between Israel and Iran in the future. And now it seems that if the US and Israel together fight Iran then Iran can send its huge defense system, missiles, and army troops to Syria, Iraq, and Yemen which especially includes Iran’s army. They cannot directly fight Iran’s war with the US but whatever Defense Deal, Drills, and Intercept missiles Iran is making for Israel today will be a threat to US defense Aid to Israel.

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