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Houthi May Attack on Europe US-Iran backed Ships in Red Sea : Yemen US War

Why Houthi attacks on Iran and US-backed Ships and Imports?, Iran Import from US, Iran Exports to Europe, Red Sea, Houth and Yemeni Forces against US and UK. Red Sea impact the Iran, China, and Russia.


Currently, Houthi has openly said that in the future, Yemen can also attack Iranian-US-backed ships, due to which Iran, China, and Russia can also be affected on the Global Trade Route. Of course, the biggest supporter of Houthi is Iran but now it seems that Houthi can also attack US and Iranian Backed Ships which will not only spoil the relations between US and Yemen but can also spoil the relations between Iran and Houthi. You should also know why the Houthis will attack Iran and the US. – You also know that Houthis is Backed By Iran and Yemen Army is still Saudi and US-backed. So, due to this, if US and UK carry out bombing on Yemen, then it seems that in the future, US-Iran trade may also be affected. Currently, the Houthi and Yemen governments have allowed Russia, Iran, and China to trade, due to which China, Russia, and Iran can capture the rest of Asia in the US market by importing cheaper from Europe and the US.

Why Houthi attacks on Iran and US-backed Ships and Imports?

Actually, after this action of Houthi and Yemen, Iran is buying cheap products from Europe and Europe like it had bought oil from Russia to the detriment of Europe. Because now Houthi and Yemen believe that if Iran also imports anything from the US like Medical Instruments, Laboratory Reagents, and X-ray equipment then the Yemen government can attack Iran and US-based trade. This can happen if US and Israel-backed ships come to the Red Sea to Houthi It can be destroyed even if this means the US itself would like to attack the Houthi and Yemeni governments on Iranian imports so that there is some inflation in Iran. Because if Houthis directly attack Iranian ships, they will have to face hostility from Iran. By the way, Iran’s warships also remain in the Red Sea, which means saving Iranian Vessels in the Red Sea. By the way, Iran also exports US, even if it is just a little, such as gas turbines, brochures, and paintings. However, the US never stops exports. US Sanctions are applicable for all imports so US and Europe can send their exports to any country. There is also a chance that any country along with Iran can deal with the US and Europe but Houthi will not get any benefit in itself, this can happen if there is normalization between Iran and the US, and trade exchange will continue. Houthi and Yemen can attack Iran and US ships. Secondly, export/import between Iran and Europe also happens through this route, so Iran would never want Houthi or Yemen to attack the Iranian and European trade routes.

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