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Hong Kong & Japan to offer Saudi & UAE Stocks in 2024, Best Stocks To Buy, Economy, US Bond Yield, and Forex: Middle East Markets

Best Stocks To Buy, Saudi Stock Exchange, ADX, DFM, DGCX, MSM and Arab League or OIC ETFs Investment in Japan & China, Saudi Arabia to buy Stocks of Development, Tourism, Sports, and Agriculture, Nikkei 225, and Chinese stock. top stocks of Arab countries, First Saudi ETFs, Forex and Financial stocks of Saudi Arabia.


Currently, Saudi, UAE, and Arab countries are running a joint program in which Saudi Arabia ETF and ETF of top stocks of Arab countries will be launched in Hong Kong, China, and Japan. Saudi Arabia and UAE are going to deal with Hong Kong, Nikkei 225, and Chinese stock brokers to diversify their economy. It is possible that along with Saudi Arabia and UAE, other Arab League and OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) countries may also join for their economic, partnership and development. This deal and these opportunities between Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia can make the entire Asian market, currency, and bond yields strong and powerful. Saudi Arabia’s ETFs are being used by countries around the world because today Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Arab League countries are normally investing billions of USD in Investments, Development, Tourism, Sports, and Agriculture. Earlier, most of the investments in Saudi Arabia and UAE were done with local companies of any country, now they are offering direct services for Saudi ETFs, Currency, and Securities so that Saudi Stocks are better than foreign ones except Saudi and Arab countries.

Why is Saudi Arabia investing in or providing First Saudi ETFs to Asian countries?

Currently, Saudi Arabia and Arab League countries are visiting China and Saudi Arabia is ready to buy more stocks of China, Japan, and India and give direct Saudi ETFs instead of companies so that the value of its investments increases globally. All over the world, the economy of Saudi, UAE, and Middle East companies is always stable and growing, this is quite an impressive development for Hong Kong, China, Japan, and India. With this step of Saudi, many countries of the Middle East will get an opportunity to invest in foreign and Saudi shares are quite strong anyway. This move will enable investors to directly trade shares of the Saudi market in Hong Kong using either Hong Kong dollars or Renminbi through these ETFs. Apart from this, if Saudi Arabia invests in China’s market in the future, then in this way billions of USD can be invested in Hong Kong and China’s market. Along with this, there is also a possibility of taxfree or less brokerage in forex and exchanges because if Saudi Arabia does not charge brokerage on its own shares then it will not charge on other’s stocks also.

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