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Hezbollah, Pakistan, or Lebanon join BRICS+ countries against Israel?

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Hezbollah, Iran, Lebanon, and Syria are looking to join BRICS+ countries to move independence from the USA & American aid, and military support for Palestine and Iraq. BRICS countries are making a new strategy against the USA, NATO, G20, G7, and the United States Dollar to completely add more small and strong countries in the BRICS to export, import, international ports of business, trade, international payments, and own currency to add more liquidity behind of the BRICS upcoming currency to bypass the world’s top international payment and SWIFT or USD forex reserve currencies.

Israel & USA relation in the Middle East.

Israel is the top most powerful ally of the United States and Israeli don’t want to join BRICS+ where the most of roles are in the hand of China, India, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Saudi, Iran, and UAE which is 80% countries are enemy of America and Israel wants the biggest aid from the United States to retaliate the Irani’s, West Banks, Palestine & Hizbollah’s future’s attack on Israel. In Europe, NATO, G20, G7, and Long strategy of the USA & Israel behind defense deals and defense development with the biggest partner of the United States.

Will Pakistan, Israel, and Hizbollah join BRICS, making new IMF issues?

All the friendly countries of Syria, Iran, Saudi, UAE, and Lebanon are somewhere enemies of each country in the middle regarding business, defense, religion, economics, and trade, where the top countries of the Middle East have the most ties with Israel but after the built of BRICS countries. Israel and their allies may face the biggest tension in the Middle East. Iran, Eqypt, Saudi, and UAE have joined the BRICS+ memberships to make more ties with China, Russia, India, Brazil, and South African countries to increase global relations with South America and South African countries. In this current status of BRICS, Pakistan & Israel have the same issues with BRICS to join before the US makes any intentions about those countries, Pakistan-US ties are friendly and defensive, and Israel-US relations are mostly the same defense & developing together. Pakistan has a large amount of IMF and American-friendly debt on the country and India is the most leader of BRICS, but Israel has deep ties with America in defense and development.

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