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Hezbollah may Launch a large scale Missiles toward Northern Israel : Israel Vs Lebanon

Why did Israel hit Sidon, Beirut, and West Lebanon, and is Hezbollah launching massive strikes against Northern Israel?, Israel Vs Lebanon, Six Day War, Israel Arab War, Lebanon Army and Hezbollah vs Israel war.


Currently, Israel has attacked Lebanon’s biggest city ‘Sidon‘ which is about 40 km from Beirut and now it is believed that Israel can do an airstrike on Beirut again. But due to all this, many countries now believe that a new direct war front has opened between Israel and Hezbollah and there will be a possibility of a major war between Israel and Lebanon in the future. However, Israel’s recent strike on Sidon is leaving a big message for the Lebanese Government and Hezbollah. There has been no specific report of casualties yet but it is a very big message to Beirut and Hezbollah that if Northern Fronts open between Israel and Lebanon, Israel is ready to attack Hezbollah also. It is possible that the strikes on Israeli sides may have caused damage to some Hezbollah militias and the Common People’s Lebanese Army soldiers. The mystery of an Israeli airstrike in Lebanon’s Sidon area took place in the area. It must have happened that the news of the death of a few people came to light. Therefore, the Israeli airstrike went directly from the Mediterranean Sea to Sidon City where Hezbollah is present such as Southern Lebanon, and Israel has not taken any action other than Galilee.

Why did Israel hit Sidon, Beirut, and West Lebanon, and is Hezbollah launching massive strikes against Northern Israel?

By the way, this Israeli strike is a big message to the Lebanese government and the Lebanese Army to stop Hezbollah from carrying out attacks in North Israel. However, due to the fact that Israel’s airstrike has passed near the capital city of Lebanon, it is believed that the government of Lebanon has the power to take further international action against South Africa’s Genocide case and Israel. Hezbollah is capable of conducting attacks worldwide, but Hezbollah wants the entry of Lebanon’s army to make Israel and Hezbollah war because if Israel and Lebanon’s army join Hezbollah, it will get a chance to attack Israel with more missiles. But now Israel has opened a new Lebanon Army and Hezbollah vs Israel war front by attacking Sidon City (Lebanon). Now this war can push Israel into the ‘Six-Day‘ War again, in Which On one side there may be Hezbollah and Lebanon, and on the other side there may be Egypt and Houthi. And now in Israel’s situation, it seems from the airstrike on Lebanon that Hezbollah or Lebanon’s army can do some retaliate in the northern areas of Israel.

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