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Hamas Will Release, when Israel Stops Gaza Ground Invasion, Iran-Arab in Gaza: Israel Gaza War

Hamas massive Rocket Attack again?, IRGC in Gaza, Arab Army in Gaza, Israel ground Invasion in Gaza, Why is Arab-Palestine not Supporting Hamas, is Hamas going to release more hostages?, Why did Hamas, Iran, Arabs, and America not agree on the Ground Offensive at Gaza? Middle East will send Military, Humanitarian aid and forces in Gaza and Israel begin a Ground Offensive.


Hamas keeps publishing new videos every day for several days, through which it is planning to release the hostages. Israel and America believe that the exact place where Hamas hid the hostages has not been found yet. Recently, Hamas released 2 American hostages, because of the great pressure on Hamas and Gaza, a lot of questions are being raised about the hostages and as US, Israel and the world believe that the hostages held by Hamas are still alive. Due to this confusion, Hamas has made a new humanitarian exchange with the world that if Israel conducts a ground invasion in Gaza, Hamas will refuse to send people coming from any country in the world. Hamas believed that Israel would release our Palestinians, and then they kept the hostages under their control, but now IsraelAmerica has put world pressure on Gaza or Hamas due to which many Middle East countries do not support Hamas.

Why is Arab-Palestine not Supporting Hamas, is Hamas going to release more hostages?

Finally, Hamas and foreign hostages in Gaza can be released, and those who have been released by Hamas can ask a lot of questions and can also ask why Hamas kidnapped them. Because many countries in the world have considered Hamas a terrorist group, only those hostages who were kidnapped by Hamas can tell their experiences. Hamas demands that Israel not send ground forces to Gaza and also says that Israel should release the Palestinians who have been imprisoned in the West Bank for many years. However the leaders of Palestine do not believe that Hamas is doing all this for Palestine, but now there is confusion that the leaders of Palestine have also stopped supporting Hamas. Many countries of the world are talking about Free Palestine but as much as Hamas attacked Israel, it only benefited the promotion of Palestine, hence Hamas has openly said that more hostages can be released if Israel does not conduct Ground Operations in Gaza.

Why did Hamas, Iran, Arabs, and America not agree on the Ground Offensive at Gaza?

For now, all the Arab countries have said that if Israel starts military actions, Ground Operation in Gaza, then it will not be a one-day war, it can be a very long war. Iran and Arab countries have said that if Israel is ready for ground Operations in Gaza then it will be confirmed, at some point Israel wants to capture Gaza. and if there is talk of capturing then all the countries in the Middle East can send a lot of military aid and proxy Armys army to Gaza to save Gaza from Israeli occupation. If Israel violates the rules of the US, UN, Europe, and the Middle East in Gaza, then perhaps this war will be very big.

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