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Hamas to Ignore Ceasefire over Gaza amid US-Saudi, Hamas Taliban relations, Arab Vs Hamas in 2024 : Israel Gaza War

Hamas Ceasefire, Gaza Vs Saudi, Iran in Gaza, Israel and Yemen War, US actions against israel and Iran. So does Hamas no longer want a ceasefire or will Iran force Hamas to carry out more attacks on Israel?


In the same situation, we have seen that the Israeli forces are successful in the Air Strike but are continuously suffering losses in both their soldiers and equipment on the ground. If we talk about terrorism, communism, and capitalism then the Taliban is also no less in all these but why don’t Israel, the US, and Europe declare the Taliban as terrorist and capitalist instead of Hamas? One thing that came to my mind is that Hamas is also talking about war, doesn’t Hamas itself want a ceasefire? – So why will Israel kneel before Hamas? – All of this is true because it seems that Gaza’s rulers are waging a war like the US and Taliban. Now will Israel be forced to fight like Afghanistan in the Gaza war? – It is quite strange to hear but just like there are Palestinians and Hamas in Gaza, there were Taliban in other parts of Afghanistan too. Just as people believe that Israel created Hamas, the US and Pakistan also created the Taliban against the democratic leaders of Palestine or the West Bank. They said Netanyahu and Israeli politics do not want a ceasefire but Hamas itself wants that if Israel prolongs this war like RussiaUkraine then it will only harm Israeli politicians.

So does Hamas no longer want a ceasefire or will Iran force Hamas to carry out more attacks on Israel?

Recently, it has come to light from the ongoing discussions that due to the way Hamas is leading a ground offensive against Israel, even the US and Israel’s IDF would not have thought that Hamas could respond at such a high level. According to Israel’s tactics, it is fine, but now the way Israel is getting a response from Hamas, perhaps it is quite difficult for the US and Israel. Currently, this war is slowly turning towards Yemen because Hamas is not alone in fighting Israel in Gaza, there are many Houthi-like resistance militias. Because at this place Israel is facing a lot of difficulties in fighting between the Palestinian resistance and the common people and these difficulties are increasing for Israel. And the way the friendship between Arab and IsraelUS is still going on silently, it seems that Hamas itself does not want a ceasefire with Israel because a war between Hamas and Israel could end in a long-term situation. That war couldn’t find enough peace for Israel and Arab normalization.

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