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Hamas fighters are surrendering to IDF, Will Hamas Launch huge Rockets again? : Israel Gaza War

Hamas may retailiate Israel with huge rockests on Tel Aviv, Hamas Fighter Surrender, IDF in West bank and Gaza, Hamas fighters and Palestinian resitance fighting with Israel in West bank, Gaza and Hebron.


Recently, IDF soldiers have conducted an operation on a very large scale in which it is said that IDF has captured dozens of Hamas fighters inside Gaza. However, some media and current fans believe that the action of IDF is only against Palestinians and not Hamas fighters. Recently the IDF has carried out a huge operation in which hundreds of Palestinians were caught. You can see in the images given below that right now the Israeli Defense Force has arrested many people who believe that they are supporters of Hamas but many people also believe that they all are Palestinians. And now it seems that the IDF wants Hamas fighters to surrender because the way the IDF is moving from North to South Gaza means that the IDF and Israel’s PM do not want them to ceasefire Gaza.

Those few people are also making fun of the IDF that by capturing the people of Hebron and the West Bank, the IDF is telling the world that they have captured Hamas fighters. In this very operation, different media have different statements as to whether the IDF is calling itself a huge success for Hamas fighters by capturing civilians. There is not much difference between those Hamas fighters and the Israeli army because it is very difficult to find out who is in Israel’s army and who is not, in the same way, it is very difficult for Israel to find out Hamas and Palestine. All the big media of the world believe that the IDF may also target the West Bank and other Palestinian people in order to silence its own activities in addition to the ongoing operation in Gaza. Many videos and images are circulating on the internet that Hamas is killing many Israeli army soldiers every day and recently Hamas killed 60 Israeli soldiers together.

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