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GTA 6 release postponed, GTA6 Ban, Gaming Stock Fall amid the Israel-Gaza War : GTA6 Ban

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The recent Israel-Gaza war is causing a huge blow to the US brands, companies, gaming, entertainment, and gaming industries. Because currently GTA 6 game was to be released, due to IsraelGaza and the global economic crisis, most of the stockholders and companies wanted to postpone the GTA 6 game. Apart from this, there are many reasons on GTA 6 due to which its release abroad is negligible, especially in the Middle East and Africa. Now I have been told that the quality of graphics of GTA 6 is quite good, apart from 18+ people, children will not be able to play this game and also this game will not be played online, this is a direct loss to GTA6 and RockStar games. It is being told. Due to the ongoing Israeli actions in Gaza, it has become very difficult for Jewish businessmen and company owners to do business in the Middle East, the US, Europe, and Africa. Anyway, the GTA6 budget is quite big, and almost $2 billion is spent in the last 4 years. And GTA 6 is the top and biggest rockstar game in the world and there is a huge investment behind it as of now, GTA6 may earn up to $10 Billion USD. but for now, GTA6 has been postponed because the effects of the IsraelHamas war are now on GTA6.
why is GTA6 banned in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa?

Why are GTA6, Rockstart, and US Gaming companies banned worldwide?

Those GTA 6 fans or its players will not be too upset about the boycott of mostly Jewish-owned companies because of the IsraelGaza war. Do they think that all the Israeli-backed US companies in the US are responsible for the Genocide in Gaza Is responsible. In such a situation, there is a boycott of RockStar games, on the other hand, there is a huge demand for gaming companies so in this situation, it is quite difficult for Rockstar games to release GTA6. Although GTA 6 has adult content and graphics, it is suitable for 18+ people in the US but children will not enjoy this game and most of the Rockstar gaming players are children. On the other hand, there are Turkey, Saudi, UAE, Qatar, and African countries from the Middle East and Islamic countries that can boycott Rockstar games due to their child policies and 18+ contents. They are also doing business with many other companies in the US. Owners, founders, and celebrities are supporting each other in Palestine and Israel, so it has become very difficult to expand their business in Europe and other countries apart from the US.

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